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Eton Institute

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The Eton Institute is a private language school from Dubai (UAE) known for producing phrasebooks for languages all over the world. Their mission is "to provide Education for All."

Klingon lessons

In April 2012, the Etan Institute has announced a row of Klingon lessons, starting 25 April going to 1st May 2012 (1) The lessons were based on the Talk Now! Learn Klingon software. (2), but also other sources, which lead to some mistakes like the meaningless word qaqItlhneS.

Klingon Phrasebook

On October 27 2016, they published a Klingon phrasebook, available only as Kindle version. (3) On the day of visiting the page, it said "This title is not currently available for purchase", but that may be a regional restriction.


The sample page has three columns: English, Klingon, and pronunciation. Here is an example:
English Klingon Pronunciation
thank you qatlho' KAXOZ
one wa' WAZ
two cha' CAZ

Pronuciation guide

The pronunciation guide is completely wrong, because it is only a one-to-one mapping of Klingon phonemes to the 26 ASCII characters when using Klingon fonts. It is pretty obvious that they copied it off of a page that had English - Klingon - pIqaD, but the pIqaD came through as xifan hol, so they assumed it was pronunciation.


The parts of this phrasebook that can be seen through Google Books clearly show it to be cribbed from the TalkNow! Learn Klingon software. The categories and phrases presented are exactly what one would expect from someone taking the files directly from the software and putting them together in book form, without recognizing that the Klingon text written as "XIFAN" requires a specific font in order to come out as intended.

Felix Malmenbeck had helped them translate their phrasebook template with about 600 phrases back in 2013, but he never heard heard from them again. (4) It appears they have not used his work.


Print Length: 24 pages
Publisher: Eton Institute
Publication Date: October 27, 2016
Language: English

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