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The Facebook Translation Team is working on the translation of the interface of Facebook, which is quite slowly proceeding because Facebook updates its strings quite often. The programmers of Facebook have established the klingon language with a hyphen, so it's always written as tlhIngan-Hol. There is nothing that the translators can change there.

Facebook was opened for Klingon translation in 2009. The first translations of the glossary were done by André Müller (1).

Klingon can only be set as a user language if the user is a member of the translation team. According to statistics, there are 323 people who have translated, but about 200 of them did only a handful of edits (2).


Information of 28 July 2016
rank Name Translations Votes Edits since august 2014
1 Robyn Stewart 25854 7284 3980
2 Andrew Miller 15764 8833 17282
3 André Müller 5988 442 126
4 Lieven L. Litaer 2368 2831 420
5 Felix Malmenbeck 818 2831 98
6 Alan Anderson 641 1759 146
7 Chris Lipscombe 188 2702 13
8 RhonaFenwick 638 321 248
9 Katrin Siewert 185 902 7
10 Robert Offner 12 804 0

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1 : Message on Facebook on 25 October 2009

2 : https://www.facebook.com/?sk=trans_leaderboard&view=alltime Facebook contributors statistics, retrieved on 28 July 2016

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