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Family terms

Klingon Translation Source
loDnI' brother TKD
loDnal husband TKD
be'nI' sister TKD
be'nal wife TKD
SoS mother TKD
SoSnI' grandmother TKD
vav father TKD
vavnI' grandfather TKD

The second part of of some of these words nI' appears in several family terms, but it is not clear what its literal meaning is.

Also, the word part nal seems to be related to being married, but does not have a standalone meaning.

General Relationship chart

Family general.png

Relationship chart

Some terms are used differently, depending on whether the speakers is male or female. Most terms are identical, but the words for "niece" and "nephew" change depending on whether the speaker is male or female. When written down, it seems quite confusing, but when diplayed in a drawn chart, the relationships actually seem quite logical.

if the speaker is a woman

Family woman.png

if the speaker is a man

Family man.png

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