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Food Vocabulary


The column dividing the words into "real" and "fiction" may not be 100% accurate, but shall help the user to find words they can use in real life (like na'ran may be used for "orange") as opposed to those that are absolutely fictional (like Gagh).

Klingon Translation Source Category Reality
bIreQtagh bregit lung meat fiction
burgh quD naturally produced quD meat fiction
chab pie, tart, dumpling general real
chanDoq jeD thick marinade, sauce liquid real
chanDoq marinade general real
chatlh soup (thick) general real
Duran lung DIr Durani lizard skins meat fiction
ghaw' ighvah liver soup meat fiction
ghevI' gagh sauce liquid fiction
Ha'DIbaH meat meat real
HajDob leg (served as food) fiction
naH fruit, vegetable fruit real
naHjej sharp fruit "thistle" fruit real
naHlet yub nut shell fruit real
naHlet hard fruit "nut" fruit real
naHnagh fruit stone "pit" fruit real
na'ran type of sweet fruit, naran (Orange) fruit real
peb'ot torpedo-shaped fruit fruit real
pIpyuS pach pipius claw meat fiction
qagh gagh, raw serpent worms meat fiction
qettlhup thick marinade, sauce (regional) liquid fiction
qombogh (unspecified type of food) fiction
quD (unspecified type of sauce) liquid fiction
qurgh beans vegetable real
Qaj tlhuQ kradge tail meat fiction
raHta' racht (a food that is only good when still alive, similar to gagh) meat fiction
ro'qegh'Iwchab rokeg blood pie meat fiction
Soj food and/or drink general real
Su'lop (type of food given to animals, and then reacquired as quD) meat fiction
targh tIq heart of targ meat fiction
tIqnagh lemDu' Tknag hooves meat fiction
tIr grain other real
tlhatlh gladst fiction
tlhImqaH (unspecified type of food) fiction
tlhIq stew other real
tlhombuS (unspecified type of food) meat fiction
vIychorgh juice, sap of a plant (regionally, any sauce) liquid real
yub husk, rind, peel fruit real
yuch chocolate other real
'oQqar root, tuber vegetable real
'un quD artificially produced quD fiction
'uSu' gladst sauce liquid fiction


Klingon Translation
wIb be sour, bitter, tart
na' be salty, brackish
na'ran rur resembles a naran, sweet
baQ be fresh, just picked, just fallen off the plant
DeH be ripe, overripe
QaD be dry, dried out
ghoQ be fresh, be just killed [meat]
tlhorgh be pungent
tlhorghHa' be bland
'ey be delicious, be tasty [Also, be harmonious with, as in music vocab. Interestingly another phrase DuQ stab refers to a positive reaction in a Klingon to either food or music, i.e. muDuQ it stabs me = I like it.]
Qop be dead (referring to food) [slang usage, lit. be worn out]
vut prepare food (no heating involved)
HaH soak, drench, marinade
pID season, coat with herbs
wech serve at peak stage of fermentation
'Im render, boil fat
Qev stew
mIQ fry, deepfry
Suqqa' prepare quD in a specific way
Sop eat
tlhutlh drink
'ep consume soup
noS eat small mouthfuls, nibble
mum taste, sense flavors
waH taste, try out


Satlh (n) agriculture
Du' (n) farm
wIj (v) farm
Du' naH (n) farm fruit or vegetable, produce
naH tlhab (n) free fruit or vegetable
yob (v) harvest
poch (v) plant
tap (v) mash
rogh (v) ferment (Intransitive: food is subject. Otherwise use roghmoH)

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