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Freiberg's "Petrikirche"

The flyer
In Freiberg's Petrikirche ("Church of St. Petrus") in Saxon, in december 2014 an information brochure was created in 27 languages(1), including Klingon. (2).

Klingon language

The text is written in a newer pIqaD-font, but the Klingon is a simple Bing-translation. This can be easily proved by typing "Dear visitors" into the Bing translator, which produces the wrong result DIHom vISItorS. Exactly this phrase is written in the first line of the flyer.

The Bing translation automatically includes transcribed English words. But there are also clearly German words (i.e. petrIturmeS "Petriturmes"), so it is rather clear that the text of origin was provided in German. The English words appear because the Bing-Software translates first into English, if possible, and then to the requested language.

As a footnote the flyer mentions: "Translation: Shek' Spir with the support of the Klingon Language Institue (KLI)" It is to be doubted that William Shakespeare has worked on this and the help of the KLI is also unlikely. The mentioning of the KLI may come from the fact that it was involved in the development of the Klingon part of the Bing translator.


The latin transcription of the text is presented here, which isn't correct klingon. The wordwrap is the original one from the text.

DIHon vISItorS

naDev SoH nuqneH maH qaStaHvIS St
peter vIpe'qang. juH ev lutH parISH
petrI nItlholaI tlhreIbergh chommunIty
vegh IntenSIve puqpu' 'ej veng Qup
SuvwI'. SenIor gho Qap. vegh pov
partIchIpatIon law' parISHIonerS choIr
qaStaHvIS tuq partIeS 'ej latlh
chommunIty ghom Such aS charolerS
qaStaHvIS pobIQ je ghogh pong DIverSe
wanI' muSIchal Sagh pujchoH SoQDaj
qoD bej SoH tu' chut eQcheptIonally moDern
lulajpu'bogh qoD vIpe'qang 'elbogh nave legh rap poH
worSHIp logh chommunIty tI' 'ej yIteb vaS
ghallerIeS chommunIty logh Such aS Hugh pa'. pobIQ
pa' 'ej QoQ pa' ghojmoH naDev vIHutlh vIpe'qang
qaStaHvIS vIpe'qang ghItlhvam vIvIDly rounD tlhItchen
pa' ghom neH 'ej DoH HeH pIj preSbytery
yInbe'taHbogh Daq ghaH Sar eQHIbItIonS

qaSpu'DI' Dun qul 1728 chowarDly D tera'Daq veQ
je. qoD. Such aS Da'oghlaHneSchugh pulpIt. 'ej puS
chenmoH joHann chrIStIan wa' chut Schulptural
lulajpu'bogh DreSDner tlhrauentlhIrche vIpe'qang qoD
SIghnItlhIchantly choH tHeoDor quentIn 1896 bIDameH
1974 1986 vaj SaH chenmoH In chonnechtIon wItH
DIvI' Innerveng chommunItIeS St peter
'ej St nIcholaS

tlhrIeDrIch preSS chut vIpe'qang qoD
lulajpu'bogh tlhrIeDrIch preSS r 1904-.
vIngIl tlhnown pong SachreD vIleghDI'
DechoratIon artISt DIS 1974 1986 waItIng
chongreghatIon SchulptureS ghaSe altar 'ej
yIteb tlhIghure HIvje' tlhoy' tlhe' ghallerIeS
qaStaHvIS 'oS jav 'IHrIStoS ngan voDleH
je Salvator munDI yIchegh otlhtlh 20
Schulpture yoS choIr. tItleD artISt ghaH 'oS
'IHrIStoS ngan voDleH je bech yov. je raghe ISa
52. 13

Da'oghlaHneSchugh pong ghotttlhrIeD SIlbermann latlh
le' tlheature. legh weSt ghallery naQ St peter
vIpe'qang Da'oghlaHneSchugh qaStaHvIS 1735 pong
SIlbermann jan nen chonchept paS puj 'e' QutlhwI'
'oHorIenteD Solemn. wab SptbarochtlheS mum qel
wa'DIch tlhoj ghaH

Da'oghlaHneSchugh largheSt cha'
manual Da'oghlaHneSchugh SIlbe-
rmann Hu'tegh 32 Suy qachmey je
orIghInal je SabHa' qaSpu'DI'
vatlh DIS 19tH 'ej 20tH poH
approQImateD 'oH jojvo' choH
DIS 1993 ghap 94 laH naQ
qaStaHvIS july 2007 'ej Da'o-
ghlaHneSchugh ngo' SplenDor muSIchal yIteb Qav
reStora tIon SIlbermann Da'oghlaHne Schugh IDeal
natIonal 'ej Interna tIonally Huch law'
Soughtatlhter jan baroque Da'oghlaHneSchugh QoQ pong
tlhelIQ menDelSSoHn-bartHolDy Qap InterpretatIon
chaq ochtober vo' gheSpu' Da'oghlaHneSchugh preluDe
SIlbermann Da'oghlaHneSchugh legh DungluQ weDneSDay
Hoch qep pagh prIvate wanI' Da'oghlaHneSchugh tourS
pagh vabDot mach chonchertS tlham majQa'

qach be'nalDaj je erechteD parISH vIpe'qang St
peter nIv lang veng chentre pa' 1190 romaneSque
baSIlIcha. ratlh vISIble pa'Daq choIr je pong
elevate poSItIon qIlmeH pIj 'ej mIp baroque HooD
ghurqu' weSt je. 'oH qabna'Daj qaStaHvIS nI' tIp
veng SIlHouette ghraDuateD vIpe'qang woDlu'chugh 'In
yIteb pong oSwalD HIllIgher qaStaHvIS DIS 1487
3850 'ej tlhgh mach Ha' 'In 1940 tlhgh pong puqnI'loD
qaStaHvIS 1570 qach Qongbogh chalDaq tlha' Dat
HIllIgher. 'In ghurqu' je SabHa' 2005 jatlhpu' cha' tlhIH
chavmoH vIpe'qang rep mInor laH Qoy 'In 'ej 'e' 'In
Stlheleton tlham tuq petrIturm poH puS jaj

ghurqu' je qaStaHvIS poH HIjmeH 'ej je ghurqu' je
tour arrangeD toS 72 metreS. nIv ghurqu' je DuH
tlhreIbergher ngo' veng SuvwI'. petrIturmeS

qaStaHvIS yu' luq lupoQ QI'tu' He Qatlhqu' tetSner achcheSSIble bopummeH QI'tu' He
tlhreIberghDe pagh tel + 49 3731 247859. St peter vIpe'qang 34188 'ach ghaytan naQ DetaIl much chommunIty.
De' vIHtaHbogh vIleghDI'. Da'oghlaHneSchugh. etch. tu' SoH ben law' Qu'mey potlh worSHIp 'ej wanI' ScheDule
QongDaqDaj bIngDaq

qatlho' Daj 
parISH yejquv petrI nItlholaI tlhreIbergh parISH

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1 : (de) "Sachsens erste Kirche spricht Klingonisch", Jan Berger on MoPo24, 21 Dec 2014

2 : (de) "Kirche stellt sich in 27 Sprachen vor", Angelika Neumann on Freie Presse, 16 Dec 2014


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