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Klingon Garden Gnome

Klingon garden gnome
The Klingon garden gnome is an officially licensed 8" tall gnome made from durable cast polyresin and sold by ThinkGeek. It was part of the first "Star Trek TNG Garden Gnomes Set" released in 2015. The product is no longer available (2019). (1)

The design of the gnome obviously reminds of Mister Worf, and is described as such on the product page. The stand of the figure shows a word written in pIqaD which reads ghIqtal, an archaic phrase with the meaning "(fight) to the death", usually yelled before combat (2). This word is explained correctly on their website.

The word written in pIqaD for comparison: giktal


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2 : Klingon for the Galactic Traveler, p. 49

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