List of gendered words

This is a list of sexual gender related words. Mostly, Klingon vocabulary and grammar ignores sexual gender. There are only few that are clearly connected to a gender.


female translation vs male translation source
be' woman - loD man TKD
be'Hom girl - loDHom boy TKD
be'nI' sister - loDnI' brother TKD
SoS mother - vav father TKD
SoSnI' grandmother - vavnI' grandfather TKD
chaj close female friend - maqoch pal, buddy KGT
nay marry (wife does this) - Saw marry (husband does this) TKD

Combinations with be' / loD

There are several words that can be specified by adding be' or loD to it. The given example make clear how it's done, but there is no general rule about this, and whether one can apply this to everything. All of the following words can stand alone, i.e. without be'/loD. In that case the mean the same thing without being gender specific.

female translation vs male translation source
puqbe' daughter - puqloD son TKD
qItbe' guinea fowl (male) - qItloD guinea fowl (male)
DI'raq be' sheep - DI'raq loD ram The Little Prince
puqnI'be' granddaughter - puqnI'loD grandson HQ
lorbe' cousin (f) - lorloD cousin (m) HQ
tey'be' cousin (f) - tey'loD cousin (m) HQ

About spacing, Okrand wrote the following:
Kin terms (like puqloD and lorloD) are set terms, regular vocabulary items. For animals, Klingon doesn't have special words for male vs. female. That is, English has ram (male), ewe (female), sheep (both/either), but Klingon has only an equivalent for sheep — no separate word for ram or ewe. If it's necessary to specify sex/gender, it's done using the noun-noun construction." (1)


Im family relations, there is an undefined noun-part nal that could be interpreted as "be married to". It usually comes at the end of the word, which means that the words be' and loD come first in these combinations. This should not be read as "male/female version of nal", it is more a "nal version of be'/loD".

female translation vs male translation source
be'nal wife - loDnal husband TKD

See main article family terms for details


1 : The Little Prince, p. 153

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