The Klingon geography is different than the one on earth. The klingon homeworld (juHqo', from juH home and qo' world) is called Qo'noS (Kronos). The capital of Qo'noS is called veng wa'DIch (first city, from veng city and wa'Dich first).

tlhIng (Kling) is the former capital of Qo'noS. It is the origin of the name for the Klingons: tlhIngan (from tlhIng Kling and ngan inhabitant). Nowadays, Kling is only a district (yoS).

Klingons don't have four cardinal directions, like we have on Earth, but only three of them (1) (2):

Cardinal direction Rough equivalent Exact angular at the compass
chan East 90°
tIng South west 220°
'ev North west 320°

It is easy to see that there is no Klingon equivalent for i.e. west. Like we interpolate the half-cardinal points from the main cardinal points is also possible in Klingon. In this way, west is a mix of tIng and 'ev, which is also written as 'ev tIng or tIng 'ev. Both versions are used an equal amount of time. Like on earth, the sun rises in the east (chan) on Kronos.

The Klingon main cardinal points also appear in the idiom tIngvo' 'evDaq chanDaq, literally from the south west to north west and east, which means something like everywhere.

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