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Gerd Emonts

Gerd Emonts 2017
Screenshot from a BRF-Report
Gerd Emonts is a singer from Eupen, Belgium.

Klingon song

On the occassion of the 50th anniversary of Star Trek in 2016, he produced an entire album of Star-Trek related songs, one of which is entirely in Klingon. He confesses not being a Trekkie himself, thus this will be a one-time occurence. The text has been translated by Lieven L. Litaer. (1)

The completed song "Klingon Mach" (actually tlhIngan maH we are klingons) was uploaded to YouTube on 22.10.2017 (2), followed by a version with english subtitles on 29.10.2017 (3)

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1 : "The singing Klingon from Eupen", TV-Report on BRF, 19.12.2017

2 : Music video "Klingon Mach" on Youtube, uploaded 22.10.2017

3 : Music video "Klingon Mach" on Youtube, with english subtitles, uploaded on 29.10.2017

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