Glen F. Proechel

Glen Proechel
Glen Fred Proechel (03 January 1938(1) in Janesville, Minnessota (2) - 14 April 2012(3), Klingon name pIntIn) was an american Klingonist and the founder of the Interstellar Language School (ILS). He was one of the organizers of the 1993 Klingon Language Camp at Red Lake Falls, Minnesota. He was in the news for the project to translate the Bible into Klingon. One other of his projects was the "Alien Language Primer" book, a learning book for beginners.

Interstellar Language School

There have been some disagreements between Glen and the KLI and some of its key members. It was not always so: Lawrence M. Schoen attended the Klingon Camp, as did Captain Krankor and some others. At any rate, the KLI didn't approve of some of the linguistic reasoning and extrapolation that Glen applied to Klingon, leading to, in effect, two "dialects" of Klingon: the KLI's and Glen's/the ILS's. There were also personality conflicts and disagreements on the motivations behind some translation projects. Rumors say that the main problems between him and the KLI were financial, not linguistic.

Glen left the KLI and founded the ILS. He has his own versions of some Bible translation and some Shakespeare like Homlet, and also his own instructional books, etc. whose accuracy and quality depend greatly on whom you ask.

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