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In september 2016, Klingon language creator Marc Okrand translated and recorded descriptions of the Smithsonian's new GO FLIGHT app. In doing so, he created a handful new canon words.

Some of the phrases are written on the website:
- Introduction download sound from website  
St. Louis toDuj Spirit of St. Louis download sound from website  
tera' DIS wa' Hut pagh wej Wright puvwI' 1903 Wright Flyer download sound from website  
Apollo wa'maH wa' ra'ghom bobcho' Columbia Apollo 11 Command Module Columbia download sound from website  
Bell X-wa' Glennis 'IH Bell X-1 Glammorous Glennis download sound from website  
'amerI'qa' 'ev chan 'ev X-wa'maH vagh North American X-15 download sound from website  
Mercury jup ghom Soch Mercury "Friendship 7" download sound from website  

Transcript of the phrases

Rhona Fenwick has tried to transcribe the phrases which can be heard at the webiste: ALERT! WARNING: These are preliminary, not to be taken as canon just yet.

Introductory section:

bImoDnIS'a'? Dujmey noyqu' neH Dalegh DaneH'a'? DaH Dochmey Daleghbe' DaneHbe'bogh DIDel. bISuchtaHvIS latlh Dochmey Daj Datu'bej.

St Louis toDuj

'orwI' ghaH Charles A. Lindbergh'e'. Ryan NYP [plane type] chu' 'oH muD Duj'e' 'ej St Louis toDuj 'o[H; pronounced as {S}] pongDaj'e'. 'orta', 'ej St Louis pawta'. ghIq New York pawta'. tera' jaj cha'maH (20) jar vagh (5), DIS wa' Hut cha' Soch 1927 perIS pawmeH New Yorkvo' tlheDta'. wa'leS Le Bourget yotlhDaq Saqta'. rIQbe'. nIteb 'atlantIq bIQ'a' chIqbogh 'orwI' wa'DIch mojta'. Qapla'!

[My comments: Like loghaD, I'd happily gloss {chIq} as "traverse, cross" - that's the only meaning that makes sense here (plus it's a sense we've hitherto lacked a verb for).]

Bell X-wa' Glennis 'IH

tera' jaj wa'maH loS, jar wa'maH, DIS wa' Hut loS Soch (1947) puvDI' Bell X-wa', DoDaj vItlh law' wab Do vItlh puS. Do patlhvam chavta'bogh muD Duj wa'DIch moj 'oH. X-wa' 'or SepjIjQa' muD beq Charles E. "Chuck" Yeager HoD. Do patlh vItlhqu' chavta'. qaStaHvIS wa' rep, vaghvatlh javmaH loS qelI'qam lenglaH: wab Do wa' vI' pagh jav. Yeager be'nal vanmeH, muD DujvaD «Glennis 'IH» pong Yeager.

[My comments: loghaD, you were close: it's not {vuvDI' Bell X-wa'}, it's {puvDI' Bell X-wa'}.

A couple of other comments. Firstly, in both instances of {wab Do} the stress is clearly on the first syllable, which to me would indicate that it's two words. Nonetheless, it's a collocation for "the speed of sound", in any case.

Secondly, given how strongly Marc has stuck by Klingon having no verb for "be fast" in the past, I'd tend towards a gloss of "be high (on a scale)" or similar (as opposed to {jen}), but I think we need to have that confirmed by either Marc or an overt English gloss.]

'amerI'qa' 'ev chan 'ev X-wa'maH vagh

tera' DIS wa' Hut vagh Hut (1959) bI'reS puv 'amerI'qa' 'ev chan 'ev X-wa'maH vagh. muDDaq neH muD Dujmey vorgh lu'orlu'. 'ach loghDaq puvlaH Dujmey 'orbogh nuv 'e' 'agh X-wa'maH vagh. wab Do loS, vagh, jav je lengta'. 'ej 'IvDaj jen law' HutSaD Sochvatlh wejmaH 'uj'a'mey jen puS. Do patlhvam 'Iv patlhvam je chavtaHbogh telmey ghajbogh muD Duj wa'DIch 'oH. wa'maH cha' X-wa'maH vagh 'orwI'pu' tu'lu'. chorgh 'orwI'pu'vaD logh lengwI' Deghmey lunoblu'.

[comments: Nothing really to note here, except that we see the recently-revealed verb {vorgh} in the wild, and also a law'/puS construction of the meaning "it was higher than X (altitude)" that shows explicitly we can use a measurement in the law'/puS construct.]

tera' DIS wa' Hut pagh wej Wright puvwI'

qaStaHvIS loS tera' DISmey, puvmeH nguSDI' lo'bogh muD Duj wa'DIch luchenmoHmeH QullI' 'ej 'oghlI' Wilbur Wright, Orville Wright je. tera' DIS wa' Hut pagh wej (1903) Wright puvwI' 'oH muD Dujvam'e'. bI'reS nguSDI' Hutlhbogh wej muD Duj'a'mey motlh chenmoH loDnI'pu', 'ej waH. ghIq tera' jaj wa'maH Soch, jar wa'maH cha', DIS wa' Hut pagh wej Kitty Hawk, North CarolinaDaq puvta' nguSDI' lo'bogh muD Duj wa'DIch. Qapla'! muD Duj 'or Orville. qaStaHvIS leng wa'DIch, wa'maH cha' lup, wa'maH wa' vI' vagh 'uj'a'mey lengta'.

Apollo wa'maH wa' ra'ghom bobcho' Columbia

tera' jar Soch, DIS wa' Hut jav Hut, maSDaq SaqmeH Qu' wa'DIch HochHom tur[?]lu'taHvIS, wej logh lengwI'pu' pa'mey 'oH Apollo wa'maH wa' ra'ghom bobcho' Columbia'e'. Neil Armstrong, Edwin "Buzz" Aldrin, Michael Collins je chaH.

[comments: On the first pass I heard the verb as {tu'lu'taHvIS}, though there does sound like retroflexion there that could represent {turlu'taHvIS}, though the sense still eludes me: "While most of the first mission to land on the moon was being [X]ed..."? {tu'} is sort-of-but-not-quite-sensical in that context: "while most of the first mission to land on the moon was being observed"? I'm not sure.]

Mercury jup ghom Soch

bobcho'vamDaq tera' bavta'bogh 'amerIqa'ngan wa'DIch moj John H. Glenn, Jr. 'oHvaD «jup ghom Soch» pong ghaH. loghDaq lengmeH Humanpu' jInmol Mercury Qu' wejDIch 'oH Glenn leng'e'. tera' DIS wa' Hut jav wa' (1961) cha'logh loghDaq puvta' logh lengwI'pu', 'ach bavbe'. tera' jaj cha'maH, jar cha', DIS wa' Hut jav cha' (1962) wejlogh bavta' Glenn. Qapla'.

QaplaHbe'DI' SeHwI' patqoq ruH[?]ta' 'orwI Hutlhchugh Duj puvlaHbe'lI' 'ach tera' cheghchoHDI' bIt Hoch. lI'Ha' Duj 'ej chaq QeyHa' tuj yoD 'e' Qub Qu' vu'wI' yaH. QeyHa'choHtaH tuj yoD 'e' botmeH cholHa'meH 'eDSeHcha baH Glenn 'e' ra' 'ach 'eDSeHcha DaH vurbe' ghaH 'e' ra' je. tera' cheghta' Glenn 'atlantIq bIQ'a'Daq tlhotta'. qaStaHvIS loS repmey vaghmaH vagh (55) tupmey cha'maH wej (23) lupmey taH lengDaj.

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