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God of the Apes

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God of the Apes is a book written by Don Nowacki, published on October 29, 2013, about the different points of view between science and religion (1).

Klingon language

On November 29, 2015, a klingon version was published, entitled God of the Apes: in klingon tongue (2). The so-called klingon version makes no sense at all – even for a beginner: A short look inside the book shows that many words have not been translated and are printed in english. A further analysis reveals that the translation was apparently made using the Bing translator, which works in a distinct way that also explains the english words inside: In case of doubt, english words will not be translated and stay in their original.


A quick glimpse at the copyright notice makes clear that this not really a serious translation:
wej previously neH public yer copyrighted yIlaD, title, yuvtlhe'

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1 : product description on of the english version, retrieved December 23, 2015

2 : product description on of the klingon version, retrieved December 23, 2015

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