Introduction to Grammatical Terms

Not everyone is familiar with all those grammatical terms being used in this wiki, but one should know that this is unevitable when learning a language. This page will explaing the most basic word that you just have to know.

Part of speech

Every language has different kind of words, depending on how you use them or what they mean.

This is a word used for things or ideas, like shoe, cloud, idea, bottle

These are words of action, describing somebody doing, like eat, walk, live, see.

This kind of word describes the state or quality of a thing, like big, small, green, old.

This kind of word describes how or when an action takes place, like quickly, today, suddenly, twice.

This kind of word joins two or more words or sentences together, like and, or, but.

The prefix is a syllable being attached to the front a verb. There are no prefixes in English like in Klingon.

The suffix is a syllable being attached to the end a word. Although there are no suffixes in English like in Klingon, you can compare this to endings like -ing, -er and -ed.


The subject of a sentence is the thing or person doing something, e.g. "John" is the subject in the phrase "John is learning a language".

The object of a sentence is the thing or person receiving the action, e.g. "language" is the object in the phrase "John is learning a language".

This describes the time situation of a sentence. Fortunately, that does not exist in Klingon.

This describes how an action relates to the flow of time. Verb suffixes are used to denote that an action is completed, ongoing or continuous. This should not be confused with tense - an action can be completed in the past, present or future.

Klingon translations

There are only three words for some of the grammatical terms: noun DIp, verb wot, leftovers chuvmey.

For the other terms, some klingonists have "invented" quite suitable ways to describe them in Klingon. See MOVED TO... linguistic terms.
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