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Corporate movie of the Grend Bildungswerks

For the Grend-Bildungswerk a corporate movie was produced in January 2016 in Essen-Steele similar to the one from VHS in Vienna. As main actors the heads of the institution, Volker Koopmanns and Cord Striemer, were cast. The creators wanted to show - with the use of Klingon - that learning languages is important(1). The video was published on YouTube on 29.01.2016 (2).

The clip was shown for a month since the 11th February in 2016 in the preprogram of the Essener Filmkunsttheater and in the Lichtburg Essen (3)


The plot and the basic idea of the video is similar to the clip of the VHS Wien: Two klingons are standing on a car and are drinking beer, when a traffic warden is approaching. After the question, if this is the car of the klingons, these answer in Klingon, that they wouldn't need a parking ticket. The warden replies in Klingon and let the car be towed. The klingons look puzzled and have to walk.

The license plate of the car reads QO-NOS 1, which is a reference to the Klingon homeworld Kronos or even to the flagship of chancellor Gorkon, the "Kronos one". But this isn't seen in the video, only in the pictures of the Making-of (4).


The pronunciation of the actors is so bad, that it is almost impossible to conclude the intended meaning. Apparently the actors were not informed about the klingon spelling and read every capitalized I as a non-capitalized L, by what words like SuvwI' and tlhIngan became something incomprehensible like "sufwell" and "telhelngan". Only the back-translation from the german subtitles with the Bing translator brings some clarity:

Speaker Subtitles Klingon Translation
Klingone 1 We are Klingon warriors, we don't need a parking ticket! Hem reH ghaH HIvDI' muSHa'ghach tlhIngan SuvwI' The klingon warrior is always proud against all attacks of love.
Klingone 2 We are klingons, strong! tlhIngan ghaH [ghuH tel ha?] yu-SuvwI' be' 'e' [QaS?] The troups [?] ... [??] He is a klingon [?]
Frau You are unworthy small earthworms be'vam QaQqu'vaD tera' ghargh The terran worm is very good for this woman.
Frau You will have to walk! qet walk

Derivation of the mistakes

To understand these mistakes of the Bing translator, it is important to note that the software is fed with various texts, which are analysed by the software alone. One of these texts is the klingon version of "Much Ado About Nothing". In the second act, third scene the phrase reH ghaH HivDI' musHa'ghach is written in parallel to the word "invincible". This is the origin of the wrong translation, because the software just compares:

Shakespeare original:
"How, how, I pray you? You amaze me: I would have thought her spirit had been invincible against all assaults of affection."

KLI translation, first text version:
chay', chay'? yIjatlh. chomer. reH ghaH HIvDI' muSHa'ghach, qa'Daj jeylaHbe' 'e' vIHarpu'.


Idea: Birgit Klaner, Management of Grend Bildungswerk
Director: Helmut Jäger
Actor Klingon left: Cord Striemer (*1963)
Actor Klingon right: Volker Koopmanns
Actor Traffic Warden: [??]
Make-up: Daniela Wintgens
Camera and cutting: Erwin Wiemer (*1957)
and the team of Steele TV

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