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Harley Quinn

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Klingon Harley Quinn © by Cree Nicole
Image used with permission.

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close up of the shirt

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detail of cheek tattoo

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choker collar
Harley Quinn is a fictional comic book character by DC comics.(1) The character as it was played by Margot Robbie in the 2016 movie "Suicide Squad" is frequently portrayed by cosplayers.

Klingon Harley Quinn Cosplay

Cosplayer "Cree Nicole" (Cree Myers) has made a Klingon version of this character in september 2018. (2) Everything looks identical, except that she is wearing a Klingon mask and the words are written in pIqaD. She has done a very good effort in paying attention to detail: Each word is replaced by a Klingon one, and even the heart tattoo on her face is replaced by a trefoil. The original font design is even imitated using Klingon letters, which are written very accurately. There seems to have been some research on the Klingon translations, but not intense enough, as there are some basic mistakes. A quick comparison shows that the Bing translator was not involved.

Cree Nicole has done Klingon cosplay before: she was Miss Klingon Empire at DragonCon in 2014 (3), with the Klingon name bang'jaQ. At that time, she had learned a lot about Klingon, but had forgotten most of it when she made this costume. (4)

Main shirt

Based on the original phrase "Daddy's lil monster", the letters on the shirt read pong vavwI chotwl'Hom. These words mean, one by one: "name", "my father", "little murderer". Instead of pong, the word jIH was intended, saying jIH vavwI'. (5)
  • The word vavwI' is missing the apostrophe.
  • chotwI' is written with a lower case L instead of the upper case I ('eye'). This happens very often when taking phrases from the internet, because I and l are not distinguishable when written in a sans-serif font.
  • The translator obviously did not know the word for "monster" tlhapragh, which appeared in 2017 in subtitles for Netflix, see New Words Netflix.
  • A more literal translation for "Daddy's lil monster" could be vavoy tlhapraghHom or vavoy tlhapragh mach.

Baseball bat

The baseball bat shows maj ram, the correct spelling for maj ram i.e. "good night", as it is also written on the original bat.

Below that phrase written in pIqaD, there are a handful phrases written in latin script. These are not all readable entirely, but seem to be some known phrases from Conversational Klingon and The Klingon Way.
  • ...gpe Dogh Qa'p....
  • Heghlu'meH QaQ - Today is a good day to die
  • jajvam ... g... - Today_
  • naDevvo' pagh ... - I can't see well from here.
  • ...legh Qoy... - see
  • bIjatlh 'e' yImev - Stop speaking.
  • Qapla' - success

Face mark

On her right cheek, the original has the word "rotten". This is also displayed with pIqaD letters, but they are upside down and mirrored. The letters read tlhe'chaw (xezcaw) which has no meaning. The tattoo was supposed to read "defend yourself." (6)

The trefoil on the upper cheek is also mirrored, but not upside down.


The collar, which says "puddin" on the original, shows the Klingon word bangwI' "my beloved", although the I is again written as L (so it reads bangwl') - bafwl.


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