Heidelberg Survey

Juan Llull Morey, a student of the University of Heidelberg in Germany (Department of Sociolinguistics) is carrying out a study of constructed languages, so as Klingon is one of the most used and also one of the most popular of those languages, it takes up a huge importance in this study. He asks you to fill out a brief questionnaire (only ten questions) that you could anonymously and easily do within a few minutes.

If you have any questions or want to know the results of the study just send Juan an email (see below).


1. Please first of all indicate us your country and mother tongue as well as age and gender.

Country of origin:
Mother tongue:

2. How well do you speak Klingon? (Please choose one of the following options. If you want to add any comments to your answer you can do it below)

  • Novice (I only know or/and speak a few words)
  • Beginner (I know more than 10 words as well as some sentences by heart)
  • Advanced Beginner (I can read or write simple texts)
  • Competent Speaker (I can read or write texts and understand a simple conversation)
  • Expert (I can even have a conversation)

Chosen answer:


3. In which situations do you use Klingon? (in fan conventions, while playing video games, in chat groups, when you meet friends ...)

4. Is there anyone, with whom you speak very frequently in Klingon? (best friend, partner…)

5. When you speak Klingon, do you speak strictly in Klingon or you mix it up with your mother tongue?

6. If you can speak Klingon fluently, when do you speak exclusively in Klingon?

7. How often do you use Klingon? (e.g. (at least) once a day; once a week; once a month ...)

8. Do you speak or use expressions in Klingon in public situations? (e.g. when you are with friends in a restaurant or a shop)

9. What encouraged you to learn Klingon?

10. Do you consider yourself a “Trekkie”?

Send the answers to llull.uni-heidelberg@outlook.com
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