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we are Klingons

Mandel script

Heroes and Icons

Heroes and Icons is a US-american TV broadcasting company, running a website named Every night they run episodes from all five Star Trek series one after the other.

Klingon announcement

On June 11, 2018, they have published a Klingon-oriented network promotional announcement which uses Klingon phrases and Klingon letters.(1)

Written words

They have used the correct pIqaD letters, but all of the written words are simply English words using Klingon letters. For instance "we are Klingons" is written as we are klingons, representing the letters we are QlInghonS, and so on. In a final screen, the Mandel script is used as well, but also just replacing English letters.

Spoken words

During the announcement, several Klingon phrases are spoken. They have a pretty good pronunciation, but have bad grammar as they were translated using an online tool. The phrases are:

1 tlhIngan maH We are Klingons.
2 SuvwI' We are warriors.
3 not jegh'a' maH We will not surrender.

2. Concerning the second phrase, Bing really translates "We are warriors" just as SuvwI'. That should be SuvwI' maH.

3. The final phrase is grammatically incorrect, and sounds a little bit like nujey'a' maH, but that does not make any sense either. When checking the Bing translator, it gives exactly that phrase when asked for "we will not surrender", so it's obvious they have used Bing to get their phrases. (a side note: Regarding the pronunciation, it has also happened in Star Trek Into Darkness that an actor pronounced Hegh as Hey.)

4. At the end, there is another phrase probably referring to the event on television, telling when to watch the shows, like "six nights a week" or so. That phrase has some intended distortion and is mixed with English, so is hard to understand. It's also possible that Bing did not translate all words, so the English is part of the translation.

The first part of the phrase is clear: Bing translates "All Star Trek" incorrectly as Hoch puQmo' Trek, and that's what is heard in the phrase. The rest sounds like jabwI'(?) ram Qach or maybe javwI'(?) ram Hoch. The syllable -wI' might be an english word: jav week ram = "six week night".


1 : video We Are Klingons on Youtube, uploaded on June 11, 2018 by H&I Heroes & Icons

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