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Hidden Universe Travel Guide: Star Trek - The Klingon Empire

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The Hidden Universe Travel Guide is a book by Dayton Ward about the Klingon Empire. It describes the Empire and its homeworld Kronos for travelers who like to visit. Previews of the book show lots of text and explanations, accompanied with screenshots from movies and TV-shows (1)

The title

It is interesting to notice that although The Klingon Dictionary notes "Kronos" as the english transcription of the Klingon name Qo'noS, the book is using the Klingon spelling all the time. This may be due to the fact that the Klingon spelling had been canonized by the use on the viewscreen in Star Trek Into Darkness.

Klingon Language

The author is using Klingon phrases throughout the book. A cooperation with Marc Okrand is not known, so it's most likely not canon regarding the Klingon language. It seems like the author has done intensive research, which may be based very likely on Memory Alpha, as he mentions the word Klingonese. No true Klingonist would ever say he speaks "Klingonese"; we call the language "Klingon", as it is described in the Klingon Dictionary (See Klingon language for details on that topic).

Quote of Chapter 1 "Welcome to Qo'noS", page 5:
Many of the names for commercial establishments featured in this guide are rendered in native tlhIngan Hol or "Klingonese".

There are five preview pages on the publisher's site, but those do not include any Klingon words, except for the introduction page which displays a phrase said by Azetbur and published in the Klingon Way, page 13: Hem tlhIngan Segh 'ej maHemtaH 'e' wIHech "Klingons are a proud race and we intend to go on being proud" (2)

Page 22 introduces a "Language Primer". (3)

Used phrases

A new preview has released two more pages of the book, one with a map and two more about Klingons. It seems very clear that the editor has used the Bing translator to get his Klingon phrases, based on very obvious mistakes that go beyond beginners' mistakes.
  • On page 61, "Memories of the plains" is translated as nIt lulIjbe'lu'bogh using the verb nIt be plain, which is absolutely unrelated to the noun "plains".
  • In a map for a city, "Iron horse" is translated as Sut HabmoHwI' Sargh, where the word for a "clothes iron" is used.
  • On the same map, the qo'Dung mountains may refer to the mountains "above the world", which makes sense.
  • A restaurant called "Good finger lick" translated word-by-word as QaQ nItlh roS makes no sense when viewed from Klingon syntax point of view.
  • A hotel is named jawbe' chen, literally "he does not chat, he takes form". The given English name is "among the clouds", and that exactly what bing turns out when you enter that phrase.


Publisher Simon And Schuster
Imprint Insight Editions
Format Paperback
ISBN-13 9781608875191
On Sale 07/11/17
Pages 160
Trim Size 6 x 9


1 : Description page of the book on Simon And Schuster Digital Catalogue, retrieved 19 Sep 2016

2 , 3 : Seen on second preview image

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