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Hidden Universe Travel Guide: Star Trek - The Klingon Empire

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The Hidden Universe Travel Guide is a book by Dayton Ward about the Klingon Empire. It describes the Empire and its homeworld Kronos for travelers who like to visit. Previews of the book show lots of text and explanations, accompanied with screenshots from movies and TV-shows (1)

The title

A first preview version of the title was "Qo'noS and the Klingon Empire". It is interesting to notice that although The Klingon Dictionary notes "Kronos" as the English transcription of the Klingon name Qo'noS, the book is using the Klingon spelling all the time. This may be due to the fact that the Klingon spelling had been canonized by the use on the viewscreen in Star Trek Into Darkness.

Klingon Language

The author is using Klingon phrases throughout the book. There was no cooperation with Marc Okrand, so it's definitely not canon. All of the Klingon phrases have obviously been translated using the Bing translator, hence causing lots of translation errors.

According the the credits at the end of the book, the author has done intensive research, some of it also on Memory Alpha, which explains the use of the word Klingonese. No true Klingonist would ever say he speaks "Klingonese"; we call the language "Klingon", as it is described in the Klingon Dictionary. See Klingon language for details on that topic.

Quote of Chapter 1 "Welcome to Qo'noS", page 5:
Many of the names for commercial establishments featured in this guide are rendered in native tlhIngan Hol or "Klingonese".

There are five preview pages on the publisher's site, but those do not include any Klingon words, except for the introduction page which displays a phrase said by Azetbur and published in The Klingon Way. (2)

Page 22 introduces a "Language Primer". (3)

Used phrases

Only the first appearance of each word is listed here.
p Klingon Intended meaning True meaning Suggested correction x
6 tlhIngan maH "We are Klingons!" [ok] -
7 Qapla' "Success" [ok] -
8 Hem tlhIngan Segh 'ej maHemtaH 'e' wIHech "Klingons are a proud race and we intend to go on being proud" [ok] -
11 pIqaD "Klingonese" Klingon writing system -
18 tlhIngan Hol "Klingonese" [ok] -
18 nuqneH "What do you want?" [ok] -
22 tIq ghob "the Heart of virtue" virtue of the heart ghob tIq
24 QuchHa' "the unhappy one" he is unhappy QuchHa'wI'
28 -- see below [ok] -
30 QI'tu' "paradise" [ok]
31 QuchHa' "the unhappy one" he is unhappy QuchHa'wI'
36 veng wa'DIch "First City" [ok] -
36 poSbIQ'a' "western ocean" left ocean tIng 'ev bIQ'a'
37 pe'bot "Klingon fruit" cucumber peb'ot?
42 wejDIch [untranslated name of a city quarter] third -
46 majQa' a ritual Well done! - x
47 nItebHa' DuD a blending of Klingon delicacies he mixed it not lonely - x
50 veb [untranslated name of a city quarter] next - x
50 'IwlIj jachjaj [untranslated name of a bar] May your blood scream. (a toast) -
52 HapwIj nagh mebpa'mey "Flat Rock Hotel" my matter rock hotel nagh beQ mebpa'mey
53 Qav [untranslated name of a city quarter] be last, be final -
58 tlhIngtuj name of a mountain range - x
61 nIt lulIjbe'lu'bogh "Memories of the plains" it is plain, the one nobody can forget puH beQ wov'onmey x
62 qeylIS loS [untranslated name of a monastery] he waits for Kahless qeylIS luloS
64 ngem veqlargh "brush devil" forest Fek'lhr -
65 baS Qap "Metal work" metal, it functions baS laSvargh x
65 'etlh SIQ "saber bear" he bears the blade mIl'oD
65 veS DuSaQ "military academy" school of war QI' 'ampaS
66 qeS'a' "The Klingon Art of War" great advice -
66 pIpyuS pach "pipius claw" [ok] - x
68 Soj bo'DIj [untranslated name of a restaurant] Court of food - x
69 Ha'DIbaH "meat" [ok] -
69 lIngta' [untranslated animal] lingta - x
71 yIQong "sleep" [ok] -
82 qo'Dung [name of a mountains range] area above the world - x
92 bIQ'a'Dung [untranslated name of an ocean] area above the ocean - x
92 QaQ nItlh roS "Good finger lick" it's good, it licks a finger - x
93 Sut HabmoHwI' Sargh "iron horse" clothes flattener horse baS Sargh
95 na'ran sweet tasting fruit [ok] -
95 jawbe' chen "among the clouds" he does not chat, he takes form
102 chu'paq [untranslated name of a sea] new book? -
102 nIHbIQ'a' "eastern ocean" right ocean chan bIQ'a'
105 'avwI' tlhoQ "guarding of nature" guard conglomeration - x
105 qaD qa' "challenge of spirit" spirit of challenge qa' qaD
106 'Iw ghargh je "blood snake" blood and worm 'Iwghargh
108 ghe'naQ tuq "opera house" clan of opera ghe'naQ much qach x
110 pach Hutlh pIrmuS "bottomless claw" the bottom lacks a claw pIrmuS Hutlhbogh pach
112 HuS jen "hang high" it hangs, it is high -
112 tlho' 'uQ'a' "feast of gratitude" [ok] -
116 chay' 'ej wIj "prayer and reflection" how and he farms -
120 veng SuvwI' botlh "town center" city warrior center - x
120 qul nIm tlhagh "fire butter" [ok] -
131 HuDmach [untranslated mountain range] small mountain - x
131 yIjatlhQo' ngech [untranslated name of a valley] do not speak valley -
131 SIHbe' Sor a mighty, indomitable tree the tree does not bend -
132 mIywI' chu' ghun "entertainment and leisure program" he programs a new bragger - x
133 bIQ'a'bIng [untranslated name of an ocean] area below the ocean -
133 nagh pIrmuS "rock-bottom" (prices) [ok] -
134 'angghal name of a theater company See Lawrence M. Schoen -
134 vIHtaHbogh pagh ado mamej "Much Ado about Nothing" moving nothing ado, we leave paghmo' tIn mIS
135 batlh jaj "Day of Honor" [ok] -
136 mIvDaq jonlu'chugh "seize your fortune" if it is caught on the helmet -
137 por SuS [untranslated] leaf wind -
139 ngeng retlhDaq "By the sea" next to the lake -
142 lulIgh "refuge" [ok] -
143 DIS lay' "Caves of promise" he promises the cave -
144 Sa' vIrurqu'law' [untranslated] I apparently resemble the general a lot - x
145 nI' Ho' "long tooth" the tooth has a long duration Ho' tIq
150 DaH poH "Time of reckoning" time of now -
154 qul waw' "fire base" [ok] -


  • 46: Actually, this is written MajQa.
  • 47: Sems like the intended meaning was "mixed together", but the word nItebHa' is only "together" in the sense of of "not alone, not by oneself". nItebHa' DuD sounds like "there are two cooks mixing one same sauce".
  • 50: Veb is spelled with a capital V, but it seems claer this is intended literally as the next quarter.
  • 58: On the map, which uses all capital letters, this is spelled as TLHLNGTUJ, so switching the lower case l with the capital I. In the chapter, it is spelled Tlhlngtuj.
  • 61: the verb nIt be plain, is absolutely unrelated to the noun "plains".
  • 65: It is a common mistake to confuse Qap work, function with vum work, toil.
  • 66: This is mistyped as pIpuS pach in the book.
  • 68: Translated by bing from "food court". It is very likely that the word bo'DIj is not related to food, but to jurisdiction.
  • 69: The lingta' first appeared in Diplomatic Implausibility, the spelling has been vetted by Okrand.
  • 82: Although spelled Qo'dung, it is clear that this is intended to be qo' Dung.
  • 92: This is spelled BIQ'a'dung.
  • 92: "Good finger lick" translated word-by-word as QaQ nItlh roS makes no sense when viewed from Klingon syntax point of view.
  • 95: The given English name is "among the clouds", and that exactly what bing turns out when you enter that phrase.
  • 105: 'avwI' tlhoQ is what bing gives out for "guarding of nature".
  • 108: The word tuq house can only be used for a house, a clan, a family - but not for a building.
  • 120: Bing translates "town" as veng SuvwI' city warrior.
  • 131: Contains a superfluous apostrophe: HuD'mach
  • 132: ghun is a verb used to express program a computer; bing translates "entertainment" as mIywI' chu'.
  • 144: it seems like the translator mixed up "general store" with the rank of "General", Sa'.
  • 154: This is spelled Qul waw', but clearly means qul waw'.


Publisher Simon And Schuster
Imprint Insight Editions
Format Paperback
ISBN-13 9781608875191
Published 07/11/17
Pages 160
Trim Size 6 x 9


1 : Description page of the book on Simon And Schuster Digital Catalogue, retrieved 19 Sep 2016

2 , 3 : Seen on second preview image

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