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History of the Klingon language


1948 [edit]

1966 [edit]

  • The original Star Trek TV-show premiered on September 8th 1966

1967 [edit]

1971 [edit]

1979 [edit]

1982 [edit]

1984 [edit]

1985 [edit]

1986 [edit]

1987 [edit]

1989 [edit]

1990 [edit]

1991 [edit]

1992 [edit]

1993 [edit]

1994 [edit]

1995 [edit]

1996 [edit]

1997 [edit]

1998 [edit]

1999 [edit]

  • The 6th qep'a' of the KLI took place in Las Vegas, Nevada

2000 [edit]

2001 [edit]

  • Marc Okrand created the Atlantean language for the Disney film Atlantis: The Lost Empire.
  • The 8th qep'a' of the KLI took place in Brussels, Belgium (the only qep'a' held outside the USA to date).

2002 [edit]

2003 [edit]

2004 [edit]

2005 [edit]

2006 [edit]

2007 [edit]

2008 [edit]

2009 [edit]

  • The new Star Trek had its premiere, although the Klingon scenes have been cut from the final movie.
  • The 16th qep'a' is happening
  • The 8th qepHom Saarbrücken is happening

2010 [edit]

2011 [edit]

2012 [edit]

2013 [edit]

2014 [edit]

2015 [edit]

2016 [edit]

  • July 22: Star Trek Beyond premieres
  • July 25: The 23rd qep'a' is happening, revealing lots of new words
  • September 08: Star Trek celebrates its 50th anniversary
  • November 3: The 15th qepHom Saarbrücken is happening, revealing even more new words
  • November 4: New words are discovered during the public art tour

2017 [edit]

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The yIH bom Tribble song is a song written by Lawrence M. Schoen (lyrics ...
qonta' ghunchu'wI' (written by Alan Anderson ) motlh mob chunDab. ...
The qepHom 2016 is the fifteenth qepHom in Saarbrücken. It takes place ...

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