Hol 'ampaS

Hol 'ampaS (Klingon for "language academie") is a website and very complete database about the Klingon language created and maintained accurately by Chris Lipscombe. It is part of the Klingon Assault Group.


The main offers of the academie are:
  • a searchable Klingon dictionary/translator, including a rhyme function
  • Klingon grammar guide
  • several Klingon lessons
  • Klingon Word Search game
  • Media database of Klingon language audio and video clips
  • Klingon Flashcards, including a set for the Klingon Language Certification Program
  • the popular "2048" game with Klingon numbers

The website intensely supports pIqaD and provides detailed information about it, as well as downloadable fonts.

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