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Homlet: Prince of Kronos (The Hard Bone Blues)

Homlet (Hom let "hard bone")(1) is the title of Glen Proechel's translation of Hamlet, translated in 1995 (2). In an open letter to the mailing list, KLI director Lawrence M. Schoen made clear that this work is not a part of the KLI's KSRP (3).

To understand the existence of two seperate translations, one should know that Proechel had different opinions on treating the Klingon language than members of the Klingon Language Institute (KLI) did, for instance creating neologisms by himself breaking grammatical rules.

The translation has never been published, although some copies may have been distributed, since one is listed in the Susan Frank Collection. It is very unlikely to be a good translation. Proechel did it all by himself, in just a couple of weeks. Even if he could speak proper Klingon - which he didn't - one would not expect much from such a hasty work. The KLI's translation of Hamlet, on the other hand, has been done by several experts of Klingon; proofread, edited and revised for more than a year before it was published. (4)

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