A Homonym is a word which may have two (or more) meanings.

Verbs with same-sounding nouns

Klingon has many verbs that have a corresponding noun, for example bach, which can mean shoot and (the) shot. Words like these are in a way homonyms.

Verbs with differing nouns

However, klingon also has words that although written identical have a different meaning if used as verb, than noun. For example choS means desert (someone) but also twilight. Daq is the location and the same time it means eavesdrop as well.

Verbs as homonyms

There even are vers that have differing meanings, baQ means toss Batleth from one hand to the other as well as be fresh, just picked (referring to a fruit or vegetable). chu' is used to say be new, and activate (a device); Huj can be either be strange or charge (up).

Nouns as homonyms

Degh is either helm or medal, emblem, symbol, insignia (when taken as noun, there also is a slang verb Degh, which means act without plan, improvise). Duj means instinct, but just as well vessel.

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