Il Troubadore Klingon Music Project

The Il Troubadore Klingon Music Project is a project of the group Il Troubadore from Indianapolis, consisting of four musicians(1):

Robert Bruce Scott – Vocals, Mandolin
Jon Silpayamanant – Cello, Vocals
Dianna Davis – Clarinet, Akkordion, Flute, Vocals
Ron Fife – Dumbek, Bodhran, Vocals

The group, il Troubadore, has been performing klingon music since 2009 but officially as the il Troubadore Klingon Music Project on March 26, 2011 during the Sci Fi Day of Indianapolis Childrens Museum's exhibit, Incredible Costumes From Film & TV. The group created a YouTube-channel on 5th April 2011 where they uploaded some records of Klingon songs.

The first original klingon song, be' joy luqaSa, by the group was composed by Jon Silpayamanant and performed at Con Nooga Multi Fandom Convention in Chattanooga, Tennessee on 22/23 February 2010. Translations of some of the group's other original material are done by Chris Lipscombe and Michael Roney, Jr..

In April of 2011 the group first performed the original opera, wa' SaD ram wa' ram je at ConGlomeration Fantasy and Science Fiction Convention in Louisville, Kentucky. Tracy Canfield assisted in translating portions of opera in later performances of the opera which have taken place at Gen Con in Indianapolis, and TrekTrax in Atlanta.

In November of 2011, Jon Silpayamanant and the group were commissioned to write a new score for the Commedia Beauregard of A Klingon Christmas Carol which was used in two of the Chicago productions; a production of the play by Hugo West Theatricals in Cincinnati in 2013; and a production by WSC Avant Bard in Washington DC in 2014. The score is one of two official scores that can be used for productions of the play.

Since 2010, the il Troubadore Klingon Music Project has released three albums. The first, tlhIngan QoQ, was a demo album of klingon music from the TV franchise and some original tunes. It was distributed for free during Starbase Indy 2010. The second, Louisville Invasion, was a bootleg of live performances from various venues the group has performed in Louisville including ConGlomeration and at the Louisville Science Museum during the Star Trek exhibit. The third album, Songs from the Empire: Ridged for Your Pleasure, was released in 2012 and included original klingon music; songs in English about klingons; two tracks from of cues from the score to A Klingon Christmas Carol, and music from the opera, wa' SaD ram wa' ram je.

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1 : Webpage of the group, retrieved 22 October 2017


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