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El Imperio Klingon

Cover of 2013 edition

2008 limited Edition

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Poster of ImaginaMálaga
The book El Imperio Klingon (Spanish for "The Klingon Empire") is a book about Klingons, Klingon food, Klingon culture and it has a dictionary Klingon-Spanish. It was written by the organizers of a small comic convention "ImaginaMálaga 2013" in Spain(1), which is mostly Raúl García Tejedor, with support of Klingonist Nicolau Rodrigues who did the Klingon language parts. The book has a foreword by Martok actor John G. Hertzler, an epilogue by Vixis actress Spice Williams and includes lots of black-white drawings made by Star Trek fans. The book was published in 2008 and 2013, with few changes and a different layout in the second edition.

Since Marc Okrand is not involved, this book is not considered canon. Nevertheless, it is worthwhile being mentioned here, as it contains some information about Klingon culture and also lots of Klingon language. It may be considered the only available Klingon dictionary in Spanish.

First edition

The first edition was published by publisher Asociacion QI'tomer in November 2008, as a limited edition of only 300 books. It is 21 x 30 cm large (ISO A4) and has 160 pages. (2) The book was presented in the "fnac" book store of Malaga in October 2008. (3) (4)

Klingon language

The front cover of the book mentions tlhIngan wo' as a translation of the book's title. The back of the book reads the revenge phrase and the three basic phrases from the nentay ritual. The language section is well translated (i.e. from English to Spanish) and has no obvious errors. The word list includes the words from the addendum. In the weapons and rituals section, some Klingon words are used as well, with some minor typos, but mostly correctly used and spelled.


This first edition is not as organized as the second edition: The chapters are not numbered, and have a different sorting than the second edition.
Title Translation Page Author Contents
Indice Contents 4 -
Prólogo Prologue 6 J.G. Hertzler, actor of Martok
Introducción Introduction 8 - Summary of who the Klingons are
Idioma Language 10 Nicolau Rodrigues Brief grammar and a wordlist of about 1800 words (probably entire TKD)
Línea temporal time line 50 - Klingon History
Cartografía Cartography 56 -
Edificios Buildings 60 -
Cultura Culture 64 -
Armas Weapons 70 -
Naves Vessels 78 -
Klingons Klingons 88 -
Comida Food 106 -
Canciones Songs 112 -
Ilustraciones Drawings 122 -
Agradecimientos Acknowledgements 159 - 35 drawings by different designers


Publisher asociacion QI'tomer
Language Spanish
Pages 160
ISBN none
Size 210 x 297 mm (A4)
Kind Softcover
Release date November 2008

Second edition

The second edition has been published at the 9th comic con in Málaga, Spain, in 2013, published by a different editor. It is 16,7 x 24 cm large and has 188 pages. (5). The cover of this new version uses the same image as the convention where it was published.

Klingon language

Each chapter has a decorative Klingon phrase, all of them known phrases mostly taken from the Klingon Way. Some of them have typos, like the first letter of a phrase spelled in major case, missing spaces between words, or titled apostrophes due to word editor autocorrect settings.


Different from the first edition, the second is re-arranged for better readability and has a more attractive design. For instance, the drwawings are not grouped at the end of the book, but are spread all over the book between the chapters.

No. Title Translation Page Author Contents
0. Indice Contents 3 -
0. Prólogo Prologue 9 J.G. Hertzler, actor of Martok, in this edition Spanish only
0. Introducción Introduction 12 - Summary of who the Klingons are
1. Cronología Chronology 14 - Klingon History
2. Guerreros legendarios Legendary Warriors 23 -
3. Armamento Weapons 64 -
4. Cultura Culture 81 -
5. Edificaciones Buildings 103 -
6. Cartografía Cartography 106 -
7. Anatomía Anatomy 111 Manuel Berrocal
8. Comida Food 118 -
9. Lenguaje Language 122 Nicolau Rodrigues Brief grammar and a wordlist of about 1,800 words (probably entire TKD)
10. Los Klingons en los Cómics Klingons in Comics 168 Juan Antonio Cruz
11. Epílogo Epilogue 181 Spice Williams-Crosby, actress of Vixis

Many of the images have a frame displaying pIqaD letters showing the word tlhIngan wo' Klingon Empire. The chapter's starting pages have decorative, nonsense Klingon letters.


Publisher Alberto Santos Editor
Language Spanish
Pages 188
ISBN 978-84-15238-48-5
Size 168 x 240 mm
Kind Softcover
Release date September 2013

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