In the Land of Invented Languages

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In the Land of Invented Languages is a book written by Arika Okrent, a linguist from Philadelphia. This is one of the few independent works about the klingon language and thus is often quoted.


The author describes in various examples, how artificial languages were invented. For example, loglan and its successor lojban are introduced, both focusing on the prevention of ambiguity, also esperanto as a combination of multiple languages to overcome language barriers and of course klingon, specifically designed for Star Trek.

She portrays her experiences at the qep'a' and how she passed the first level of the KLCP-certifation. The book is also fitting for non-linguists.


Editor Arika Okrent
Publisher Spiegel & Grau
Published 11. Mai 2010
Pages 352
ISBN 978-0812980899

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