The Canonicity of Star Trek: Discovery

It has always been an unwritten rule of Klingonists all over the world, that only words written or approved by Marc Okrand are regarded as canon. It is clear now that Okrand did not work actively on the new TV series Star Trek: Discovery. He maybe did provide some new words (which were released at qep'a' 2017), but the major translation job was done by Robyn Stewart, and the producers have "gone to great lengths to be incredibly accurate in our Klingon." (1)

Okrandian vs. Star Trek canon

Since the Klingon language in this show is not made by Okrand, it cannot not be "Okrandian" Klingon per se. One can be sure that all of it will be in a good quality, but sticking to the definition, these translations are no different to any other expert works like The Klingon Hamlet or even Qo'noS QonoS.

The argument that this Klingon must be canon because it is spoken during an official Star Trek show, is invalid. We have seen several other Star Trek shows using Klingon which was not okrandian Canon either (like P'kar tel Durg Le Frakn'l in Star Trek: Deep Space Nine episode "Melora" (2)). There is a difference to be done between "Star Trek Canon" and our "Okrandian canon". For instance, from a point of view of the Star Trek wiki named Memory Alpha, the okrandian Klingon is not part of their canon, as they only accept on-screen used things.

Although most Klingonists agree that Robyn Stewart is probably the best person to do this job, after all she's just a person hired for working on the show like any other authors they have had before.


The used phrases in Star Trek: Discovery are definitely worth analysing and being watched at. They are good Klingon.

But: As long as Okrand does not confirm that he has controlled and approved all the translations, the Klingon used on the show is considered as not okrandian canon. So these should not be added to any dictionary or collection of examples to use for teaching. It may be possible that Okrand could retrofit any mistakes as being ancient Klingon (no' Hol) (3) and ask Maltz to explain them.


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2 : Klingonese on Memory Alpha

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