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Jeff Galand


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Jeff Galand is the name of the person who allegedly published a version of The Klingon Dictionary on Amazon on March 2017. It is published trough Amazon's "CreateSpace" publishing platform. (1)

From the preview images, one can see that the book is simply a transcript from TKD, without any formatting. Even typo corrections of the initial transcriber are shown in brackets.

Do not buy this book! It is a pure copy of the original and is definitely an obvious fraud.


The background image is turned by 90 degrees and shows some herbs. It's from the Createspace cover generator and is named "The Aspen 6 x 9 spineless". It has been used quite often for many products from the Createspace platform. (2)


Publisher CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
Language English
Pages 118
ISBN 978-1544067049
Size 210 x 297 mm / 8½" x 11"
Kind Softcover
Release date 04 March 2017


1 : The KLINGON DICTIONARY by Jeff Galand on, published Mar 04, 2017

2 : Free Createspace Book Covers: Using the CS Cover Generator, By Derek Murphy, Posted October 10, 2011

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