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Soul Winners T-Shirt Ministry's Klingon John 3:16 T-shirt


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In 2005, "Soul Winners T-Shirt Ministry" released a T-shirt in Klingon.

In January of 2004, Karen of "Soul Winners T-Shirt Ministry" posted on the KLI's mailing list:

I am hoping you all can help. My husband and I print the verse John 3:16 ... in many languages on T-shirts. We are currently working on a Klingon and English shirt. I have the symbols of the language, now would like to print the pronounced text." (1)

Heather Myers provided them with the translation (2) and Michael Roney, Jr. edited the pIqaD.

The image of the text as seen on their website contains some errors and is missing the apostrophes completely. The printed version, corrected by Michael Roney, Jr. on the T-shirt is without mistakes.


The quote comes from the Bible, John 3:16. The english phrase is "For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that WHOSOEVER believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life."

Klingon Back translation by the translator
qo' muSHa'qu'mo' Qun'a' Because the great god loved the world very much.
boghpu'bogh neH puqloDDaj nob, He gave his only son who was born.
Qaw'be'lu'meH voqbogh Hoch. In order that everyone who had faith in him would not be destroyed.
reH yIn. They will live forever.


1 : "Help with bible verse", message to the mailing list by Karen of 28 Jan 2004

2 : "RE: Help with bible verse", message to the mailing list by Heather Myers of 28 Jan 2004

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