John Garman Hertzler

John Garman Hertzler (born 1949, often abbreviated J.G. Hertzler) is an US-american actor who played General Martok (Klingon: martaq) in DSN. Within Star Trek, he played 7 roles alltogether, among them a vulcan and two other klingons. He has played an old unnamed old Klingon in the interactive computer game Star Trek: Klingon.

Klingon language

Hertzler has never spoken Klingon on screen, but when in Klingon costume, he sometimes uses Klingon greetings when he meets his fans. Unfortunately, one of them is the fake word "qaqItlhneS".

In the role of General Martok, he wrote a foreword for the Haynes Bird Of Prey Manual. In 2008 he wrote a foreword for the spanisch book El Imperio Klingon.


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