Jon Povill

Jon Povill (born 1946) is a scriptwriter and producer from the US and was Associate Producer in Star Trek - The Motion Picture.

Co-Founder of Klingon

In September 2016 he mentionend in a discussion on Reddit (1), that he was - together with James Doohan - one of the two inventors of Klingon (2). These two invented in a relatively short session six Klingon sentences for the first Star Trek movie. He added, that he forgot about that fact and rediscovered his collaboration while he tidied up his papers.

Marc Okrand used these sentences as a foundation for the whole language, for what he is not known as its inventor, but as the developer of the Klingon language.


1 : Diskussion auf Reddit, retrieved 23 Sep 2016

2 : (de) "Eine kurze Geschichte der klingonischen Sprache", Morgenwelt Wissenschaft, 10 Jan 2000 by Lawrence M. Schoen, archived in the Web Archive


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