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Joseph W. Windsor is a linguist student from Calgary, Canada. Concerning his knowledge of Klingon, he says about himself that he has "developed a structural knowledge of this conlang." (1)

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He was mentioned in an article of CBC News of 6 November 2015 (2). There is also a 28 sec. video where you can see him lecturing about Klingon sounds and where he says a Klingon phrase: qa'Ij je' 'e' CBC which is supposed to mean "I listen to the information on CBC.", but it actually does not make any sense: qa'Ij means "I listen to you", je may be the conjunction "and" or the verb buy or feed and the pronoun 'e' means that.

In the above interview, the unknown author talks about "an estimated 7,500 Klingon speakers", which is very high. More accurate guesses go from 20 to 100 fluent speakers worldwide.


Windsor has held some lectures with the title "The (un)naturalness of Klingon" in 2013, 2014 and 2015 at Edmonton and Calgary Comic Expo.

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1 : PDF file with windsor's CV

2 : "Calgary Klingon expert boldly going where few linguists have gone before", published 06 Nov 2015

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