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Kahless Prayer

The Kahless prayer has never been named as such, but there are some lines regarding Kahless which were repeated in some episodes of Star Trek: Discovery. The words were first heard in ep. 2 "Battle at the Binary Stars" being the last words of T'Kuvma before he died. He referred to them as "The words we said as children in Kahless honor." (1)

In ep. 10 "Despite yourself", L'Rell used these words to activate Voq. When Ash Tyler was sentenced to death in ep. 11 "The Wolf Inside", he also quoted one line from this piece.

The words reconstructed

Please note that Klingon on Star Trek Discovery is not considered canon.

# Klingon Translation
1 'Iv wInej? Whom do we seek?
2 qeylIS. Kahless.
3 chay' wISam? How do we find him?
4 matay'taHvIS. Together.
5 maleghmeH yIwovmoH. Give us light to see.
6 reH Forever.
7 wInejtaHvIS reH So''egh'a'? Will he hide from us always?
8 not. Never.


  • In the version which T'Kuvma spoke, he said jIjaHmeH yIwovmoH, "for me to walk" (instead of "see").
  • When Tyler spoke line 5, he used a different prefix, saying jIleghmeH ("for me to see") instead of maleghmeH ("for us to see"). It's likely the prayer can be adapted depending on who speaks it.

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1 : Battle at the Binary Stars, timecode 33:38

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