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The Russian software company Kaspersky has published a klingon version of their online password checker (1), in Klingon chaw' ngoq Hung tobwI'.

Klingon language

There are too many klingon lines in there to mention them here, but all the lines seem to be correct and good Klingon. The translation has been done by Andrew Miller, with some assistance of Marc Okrand (2). It is not certain although whether the entire project can be considered as canon.


There is no specific new vocabulary in the app, but since Marc Okrand did cooperate with this translation, we have at least on following expression, which is canon now:

slug, snail tera' nagh DIr charwI' mach ("terran small stone-skin slimy one") (3)

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1 : Message on Twitter, published 22 Jan 2015

2 : Message on Facebook by Andrew Miller, 22 Jan 2015

3 : confirmed during a talk with Andrew Miller on 23 Jan 2015

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