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Kauderwelsch Klingonisch
The German word Kauderwelsch means "Gibberish" and is the title of a row of language guides for travelers published by the Reise Know-How Verlag from Bielefeld, Germany. That word was chosen for the books because that's what a traveler always hears the first time they get to a foreign country: it all seems gibberish to them.

In the eighties, they began to add language guides to their travel guides, so that any traveler could easily learn the language of the country. Different from most language books, these guides include more useful phrases than grammatical explanations and is therefore written for true beginners.

Klingonisch - Wort für Wort

In August 2019, the company published a language guide for Klingon, written by Lieven L. Litaer. (1)

A special property of these books is the "word-by-word" translation, which allows the reader to recognize different parts of the word. In addition to that, all compound words are hyphenated, so that it's easier to recognize syllables. For instance, Dayaj'a' is displayed as Da-yaj-'a'.

In addition to the book, there are audio files available of some phrases, that can be accessed online.


Author Lieven L. Litaer
Date August 12, 2019
Publisher Reise Know-How Verlag
ISBN-13 978-3-8317-6555-3
Pages 144
Size 105 x 145 mm
Weight 162 g


1 : (de) Klingonisch - Wort für Wort in the online store of Reise Know-How Verlag, retrieved on July 31, 2019

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