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The Klingon compendium was an area in the Star Trek: Continuum (abbreviated STC) on startrek.com(1), which included a linguistic database.(2) Basically, it was a list of Klingon words with some definitions.

Starting around 1999 [citation needed] a "daily Klingon word" was shown inside the "Klingon Compendium". As the abbreviation for this is STC, it should no be confused with the Star Trek Communicator. Since the website was part of the MSN network, some people use the reference as MSN, which is also misleading, because we have lots of messages from Okrand on the Microsoft Network Expert Forum. The project ended around 2003 (3).


Each entry started with a Klingon word, followed by Okrand's canon definition. The rest was not made by Okrand, which are a pronunciation guide and some additional - sometimes incorrect - information (4)
Klingon: magh
English: Betray

Phonetically-- "magh"

Verb, to commit treason. Also to indicate, reveal.
Note that this final line "indicate, reveal" is not correct, and not canonical.

Klingon: tlhIngan Hol Dajatlh'a'?
English: Do You (Singular) Speak Klingon?

Phonetically -- "TLi-ngan KHOL da-JATL A "

Question, "do you speak Klingon," when addressing an individual.

Background information

All of this paragraph is based on an email by d'Armond Speers (5)
d'Armond Speers had the opportunity to communicate directly with one of the staff members of that site about the definitions. They have words and short definitions provided by Marc Okrand, but re-typed by their staff, which introduced a lot of spelling errors. Then they have an expanded definition, which is where all the bad definitions have been coming from. In the word list, you'll see a Klingon word followed by a short English definition; these are directly from Okrand. If you click on a word you'll see an expanded definition, which is not from Okrand.

We were given the opportunity to clean up the spellings and expanded definitions, in the master database for that site. Over 25% of the words had spelling errors, mostly of the I / l type. We also corrected all the Earth/Klingon year/day/minute types of problems, and changed some obviously wrong definitions (like "meH is a bridge that spans a divide", instead of "the bridge of a ship"). For instance, the STC entry for rep "hour" used to be "A unit of time equal to 1/24th of an Earth day." It now reads "Noun, unit of time, a Klingon hour." All of these corrections are posted to the STC site now.

We tried to pursuade them not to use the goofy phonetic representations for Klingon words, since the word as written is already a phonetic representation. They would't go for it. So, Kevin (Qor'etlh valwI'na') put together a key using the 'Useful Expressions' from The Klingon Dictionary as a guide, and re-wrote all the phonetic representations using this key, so they'd be internally consistent throughout the STC site, and consistent with that you'd see in TKD.

There are no new words in STC. When the site first went live, Okrand suggested that there may be some new words in there, which is why some people started monitoring this site, and copied their non-canonical definitions

Word list

These are the words and expressions used in the Klingon Compendium. There are a total of 689 in this list.
tlhImqaH - Zilm'Kach
tuHIvlaH - You (Plural) Can Attack Me
boHIvlaH - You (Plural) Can Attack Him/Her/It/Them
bIQong - You Sleep
SuQong - You (Plural) Sleep
bInep - You (Singular) Lie, You Fib.
Sunep - You (Plural) Lie, You Fib.
bIQongbe' - You Don't Sleep
SuQongbe' - You (Plural) Don't Sleep
juHIvbe' - You/I Don't Attack Us
choHIvbe' - You/I Don't Attack Me
DaHIvbe' - You/I Don't Attack Him/Her/It/Them
bIQonglaHbe' - You Can't Sleep
SuQonglaHbe' - You (Plural) Can't Sleep
juHIvlaHbe' - You Can't Attack Us
choHIvlaHbe' - You Can't Attack Me
tuHIvlaHbe' - You (Plural) Can't Attack Me
DaHIvlaHbe' - You Can't Attack Him/Her/It/Them
SuQonglaH - You (Plural) Can Sleep
juHIvlaH - You Can Attack Us
choHIvlaH - You Can Attack Me
DaHIvlaH - You Can Attack Him/Her/It/Them
juHIv - You Attack Us
cheHIv - You (Plural) Attack Us
choHIv - You Attack Me
tuHIv - You (Plural) Attack Me
DaHIv - You Attack Him/Her/It/Them
boHIv - You (Plural) Attack Him/Her/It/Them
bIlughbe' - You (Singular) Are Wrong.
Sulughbe' - You (Plural) Are Wrong.
bIlugh - You (Singular) Are Right.
Sulugh - You (Plural) Are Right.
choSuj - You (Singular) Are Disturbing Me.
tuSuj - You (Plural) Are Disturbing Me.
cheHIvbe' - You (Plural) I Don't Attack Us
tuHIvbe' - You (Plural) I Don't Attack Me
boHIvbe' - You (Plural) I Don't Attack Him/Her/It/Them
cheHIvlaHbe' - You (Plural) Can't Attack Us
boHIvlaHbe' - You (Plural) Can't Attack Him/Her/It/Them
cheHIvlaH - You (Plural) Can Attack Us
ne' - Yeoman
tel - Wing
Qach - (To) Wield (An Ax, Club, Mace)
nuqDaq 'oH puchpa''e', - Where is The Bathroom?
maQong - We Sleep
maQongbe' - We Don't Sleep
pIHIvbe' - We/I Don't Attack You (Singular)
reHIvbe' - We/I Don't Attack You (Plural)
DIHIvbe' - We Don't Attack Them
wIHIvbe' - We I Don't Attack Him/Her/It
maQonglaHbe' - We Can't Sleep
pIHIvlaHbe' - We Can't Attack You (Singular)
reHIvlaHbe' - We Can't Attack You (Plural)
DIHIvlaHbe' - We Can't Attack Them
wIHIvlaHbe' - We Can't Attack Him/Her/It
maQonglaH - We Can Sleep
pIHIvlaH - We Can Attack You (Singular)
reHIvlaH - We Can Attack You (Plural)
DIHIvlaH - We Can Attack Them
wIHIvlaH - We Can Attack Him/Her/It
pIHIv - We Attack You (Singular)
reHIv - We Attack You (Plural)
DIHIv - We Attack Them
wIHIv - We Attack Him/Her/It
nuHpIn - Weapons Officer
nuHmey - Weapons
nuH - Weapon
QIS - Wavy-Bladed Knife
pIvghor - Warp Drive
wornagh - Wamog
QaS - Troops
jolpat - Transporter, Transporter System
jolpa' - Transporter Room
baQ - (To) Toss (A Bat-Leth) From One Hand To The Other
Qong - (To) Sleep
bach - (To) Shoot
cha - Torpedoes, Missiles
peng - Torpedo, Missile
DuS - Torpedo Tube
HIv - (To) Attack
chuyDaH - Thrusters
chaQ - (To) Thrust (with either point at the end of a bat'leth's blade)
jop - (To) Thrust (with a bat'leth's full blade)
neHjej - Thistle
Do'Ha' - That is Unfortunate.
nIHIvbe' - They Don't Attack You (Singular)
luHIvbe' - They Don't Attack Him/Her/It
nIHIvlaHbe' - They Can't Attack You (Singular)
luHIvlaHbe' - They Can't Attack Him/Her/It
nIHIvlaH - They Can Attack You (Singular)
luHIvlaH - They Can Attack Him/Her/It
nIHIv - They Attack You (Singular)
luHIv - They Attack Him/Her/It
runpI' - Teapot
ya - Tactical Officer
yanwI' - Swordfighter
yan - (To) Wield (A Sword)
'etlh - Sword, (Any) Blade
yan - Sword
bIjeghbe'chugh vaj bIHegh - Surrender Or Die!
naQjej - Spear
char - (To Be) Slimy
yIQong - Sleep! (Command, Given To One Person)
peQong - Sleep! (Command, Given To A Group)
Duj - Ship, Vessel
botjan - Shields (Force Field)
yoD - (Hand-Held) Shield
jabwI' - server (waiter, waitress)
bu' - Sergeant
yaS cha'DIch - Second Officer
tlharghDuj - scout vessel
QeDpIn - Science Officer
Sorya' HIq - Saurian Brandy
ghevI' - sauce for gagh
romuluS HIq - Romulan Ale
Qe' - restaurant
raHta' - Racht
pa'mey - quarters
tlhorgh - (to be) pungent
ghuS - (to) prepare to launch (a torpedo)
vut - (To) Prepare (Food Or Drink)
pIpyuS pach - Pipius Claw
yaSpu' - Officers
yaS - Officer
naHlet - Nut
qay'be' - No problem!
tuQDoq - Mind-sifter, Mind-ripper
HIDjolev - Menu
meqleH - Mek'Leth
ghanjaq - Mace
megh - Lunch
tlher - (to be) lumpy
Sogh - Lieutenant
qutluch - Kut'Luch (Associated with Klingon assassins)
taj - Knife
bal - Jug, Jar, Bottle
Qo' - I won't do it! I refuse!
jIyaj - I understand.
jIQong - I Sleep
Hongghor - Impulse Drive
jIwuQ - I have a headache.
jIyajbe' - I Don't Understand.
jIQongbe' - I Don't Sleep.
jISaHbe' - I Don't Care.
qaHIvbe' - I Don't Attack You (Singular)
SaHIvbe' - I Don't Attack You (Plural)
vIHIvbe' - I Don't Attack Him/Her/It/Them
bo'Dagh'a' lo' - Use A Big Scoop = Exaggerate
ngaQ lojmIt - The Door is Locked = The Situation Has An Unavoidable Outcome, Plans Can Not Be Changed, There's Nothing Anyone Can Do About It
bIQ ngaS HIvje' - The Cup Contains Water = Be Quite Mistaken, Be Totally Wrong
may' bom pIm bom - Sing A Different Battle Song = Speak Of Another Matter Entirely
vaj Duj chIj - Navigate A Warrior's Ship = Have Strength Of Character
jop 'ej way' - Lunge And Deflect (Bat'Leth Maneuvers) = Have An Argument
qagh HoH - Kill Gagh = Do Something Counterproductive
Dujmey law' chIjpu' - Has Navigated Many Ships = is Experienced
yItaD - Be Frozen! (yItaD is Used When Speaking To One Person) = Don't Move! Stay Put!
petaD - Be Frozen! (petaD is Used When Speaking To A Group) = Don't Move! Stay Put!
wa'maH cha' pemmey wa'maH cha' rammey je - 12 Days And 12 Nights = A Long Time
tlhIngan Hol vIjatlhlaHbe' - I Can't Speak Klingon.
jIQonglaHbe' - I Can't Sleep
qaHIvlaHbe' - I Can't Attack You (Singular)
SaHIvlaHbe' - I Can't Attack You (Plural)
vIHIvlaHbe' - I Can't Attack Him/Her/It/Them
jIQonglaH - I Can Sleep
qaHIvlaH - I Can Attack You (Singular)
SaHIvlaH - I Can Attack You (Plural)
vIHIvlaH - I Can Attack Him/Her/It/Them
qaHIv - I Attack You (Singular)
vIHIv - I Attack Him/Her/It/Them
SaHIv - I Attack You (Plural)
chay' - How Did This Happen? What's Going On?
vaH - Holster (For A Pistol), Sheath (For A Sword)
DuHIvbe' - He/She/It Doesn't Attack You (Singular)
lIHIvbe' - He/She/It Doesn't Attack You (Singular); They Don't Attack You (Plural)
nuHIvbe' - He/She/It Doesn't Attack Us; They Don't Aftack Us
muHIvbe' - He/She/It Doesn't Attack Me; They Don't Attack Me
HIvbe' - He/She/It Doesn't Attack Him/Her/It/Them; They Don't Attack Them
DuHIvlaHbe' - He/She/It Can't Attack You (Singular)
lIHIvlaHbe' - He/She/It Can't Attack You (Singular); They Can't Attack You (Plural)
nuHIvlaHbe' - He/She/It Can't Attack Us; They Can't Attack Us
muHIvlaHbe' - He/She/It Can't Attack Me; They Can't Attack Me
HIvlaHbe' - He/She/It Can't Attack Him/Her/It/Them; They Can't Attack Them
lIHIvlaH - He/She/It Can Attack You (Singular); They Can Attack You (Plural)
nuHIvlaH - He/She/It Can Attack Us; They Can Attack Us
muHIvlaH - He/She/It Can Attack Me; They Can Attack Me
HIvlaH - He/She/It Can Attack Him/Her/It/Them, They Can Attack Them
DuHIv - He/She/It Attacks You (Singular)
lIHIv - He/She/It Attacks You (Plural); They Attack You (Plural)
nuHIv - He/She/It Attacks Us; They Attack Us
muHIv - He/She/It Attacks Me; They Attack Me
HIv - He/She/It Attacks Him/Her/It/Them; They Attack Them
lIHIvlaH - He/She/It Can Attack You; They Can Attack You
DeghwI' - Helmsman
Degh - Helm
targh tIq - Heart Of Targ
Qong - He/She Sleeps, They Sleep
Qongbe' - He/She Doesn't Sleep, They Don't Sleep
QonglaHbe' - He/She Can't Sleep, They Can't Sleep
QonglaH - He/She Can Sleep, They Can Sleep
QIghpej - Hand-Held Pain-Inducing Device
naDevvo' yIghoS - Go Away!
tlhatlh - Qladst
ghem - Midnight Snack
Sa' - General
qagh - Gagh, Serpent Worms
naH - Fruit, Vegetable
Soj - Food (And Drink)
yaS wa'DIch - First Officer
baH - (To) Fire (A Torpedo)
lagh - Ensign
jonpIn - Engineering Officer
tlhIngan Hol Dajatlh'a'? - Do You (Singular) Speak Klingon?
tlhIngan Hol bojatlh'a'? - Do You (Plural) Speak Klingon?
jey'naS - Double-Headed Ax
ghoHIvQo' - Don't Attack Us! (Command)
tIHIvQo' - Don't Attack Them! (Command)
HIHIvQo' - Don't Attack Me! (Command)
yIHIvQo' - Don't Attack Him/Her! (Command)
Daqtagh - D'K Tahg Knife
nlswl' beH - Disruptor Rifle
nISwI' HIch - Disruptor Pistol
nISwI' DaH - Disruptor Banks
nISwI' - Disruptor
'uQ - Dinner
'up - (To Be) Disgusting, Repugnant
'ey - (To Be) Delicious
way' - (To) Deflect (A Bat'Leth's Thrust)
choQ - Deck
Dargh - Tea
HIvje' - Cup, Drinking Vessel
Da' - Corporal
vutwI' - Cook, Food Preparer
QumpIn - Communications Officer
totlh - Commodore
la' - Commander
la"a' - Commandant
HIghoS - Come Here!
ra'taj - Cofee With Liquor Added
qa'vIn - Coffee
jeqqIj - Club, Bludgeon
So'wI' - Cloaking Device
chob - Corridor
ngal - (To Be) Chewy
chechtlhutlh - Baceh'tluth
HoD quS - Captain's Chair
HoD - Captain
mangHom - Cadet
'ech - Brigadier
meH - Bridge
bIreQtagh - Bregit Lung
nIQ - Breakfast
'Iw HIq - Bloodwine
tlhorghHa' - (To Be) Bland
toQDuj - Bird Of Prey
bIjatlh 'e' yImev - Be Quiet (Stop Speaking)!
qurgh - Bean
HIjol - Beam Me Aboard!
ghlntaq - Battle Spear
may'luch - Battle Gear
may'Duj - Battle Cruiser
betleH - Bat'Leth
chom - Bartender
'uQ'a' - Banquet, Feast
baqghol - Baqghol
'obmaQ - Ax
ghoHIv - Attack Us! (Command)
tIHIv - Attack Them! (Command)
HIHIv - Attack Me! (Command)
yIHIv - Attack Him/Her! (Command)
Ha'DIbaH - Animal! (Invective)
SaSuj'a' - Am I Disturbing You (Plural)?
nIch - Ammunition
qaSuj'a' - Am I Disturbing You (Singular)?
aj - Admiral
'oH - It
ghaH - He/she
jIH - I
nuqDaq - Where?
ghorgh - When?
nuq - What?
HIja' - Yes
wI' - Tactical display
ghuH - Alert
yaH - Duty station
SuQ - Toxic
Dun - Wonderful
puj - Weak
DIv - Guilty
qej - Grouchy
vaQ - Aggressive
ngeD - Easy
Dub - Back
chor - Belly
porgh - Body
rol - Beard
loch - Mustache
ghu - Baby
puq - Child
loDHom - Boy
vaghmaH - Fifty
loSmaH cha' - Forty-two
loSmaH - Forty
wejmaH - Thirty
cha'maH cha' - Twenty-two
cha'maH wa' - Twenty-one
cha'maH - Twenty
wa'maH vagh - Fifteen
wa'maH loS - Fourteen
wa'maH wej - Thirteen
wa'maH cha' - Twelve
wa'maH wa' - Eleven
ramjep - Midnight
pemjep - Midday
rep - Hour
pem - Daytime
DIS - Year
'Ip - Vow
tugh - Hurry up!
Qoch - Disagree
nargh - Escape
lIj - Forget
Qang - Chancellor
veSDuj - Warship
HaSta - Visual display
qughDuj - Cruiser
cha'pujqut - Dilithium crystal
ghIH - Sloppy
Qup - Young
jItlhutlh - I drink.
yoH - Brave
tIn - Big
ngeb - False
jat - Tongue
nuj - Mouth
ghIch - Nose
qogh - Ear
mIn - Eye
loDnI' - Brother
SoS - Mother
wa'Hu' - Yesterday
cha'leS - Day after tomorrow
jaj - Day
nuQ - Bother
Ho' - Admire
jup - Friend
jagh - Enemy
QumwI' - Communicator
qan - Old (not young)
ngo' - Old (not new)
wa'maH - Ten
Hut - Nine
chorgh - Eight
Soch - Seven
jav - Six
vagh - Five
loS - Four
wej - Three
wa' - One
pagh - Zero
lob - Obey
chlj - Navigate
mej - Leave
Sov - Know
HoH - Kill
Sup - Jump
yu' - Interrogate
tIch - Insult
qap - Insist
QaH - Help
Qoy - Hear
muS - Hate
jaH - Go
lum - Procrastinate
Haw' - Flee
Suv - Fight
je' - Feed
pum - Fall
jor - Explode
lach - Exaggerate
chup - Suggest
'el - Enter
tIv - Enjoy
tlhutlh - Drink
lobHa' - Disobey
tlhaQ - Funny
Hegh - Die
Qaw' - Destroy
jey - Defeat
toj - Deceive
tlhoch - Contradict
chargh - Conquer
qIv - Knee
Qum - Communicate
toS - Climb
wIv - Choose
ngor - Cheat
tlha' - Chase
qaD - Challenge
lop - Celebrate
jon - Capture
je' - Buy
pov - Afternoon
pIch - Blame
magh - Betray
jol - Beam
tlhob - Ask
chaw' - Allow
qeS - Advise
vang - Act
chav - Achieve
'oy' - ache
DuQ - stab
QIp - stupid
Qe' - Restaurant
yuch - chocolate
vav - Father
'oy'naQ - painstik
majQa' - Well done!
nuqneH - Greeting
maH - We
'ugh - Heavy
Quch - Happy
Hov - Star
yuQ - Planet
lu' - OK
jIH - Viewscreen
tepqengwI' - Cargo carrier
nIn - Fuel
yo' - Fleet
'IQ - Sad
tlhol - Raw
tuv - Patient
qur - Greedy
QaQ - Good
qab - Face
Quch - Forehead
nach - Head
legh - See
qet - Run
bup - Quit
leS - Relax
Qan - Protect
qaw - Remember
yev - Pause
SuH - Ready!
DaH - Now
qoS - Birthday
ghargh - Gagh
pItlh - Done!
la'quv - Supreme Commander
pu'HIch - Phaser pistol
pu'beH - Phaser rifle
pu' - Phaser
nuHmey - Arsenal
Ich - Gun
veQDuj - Garbage scow
HIchDal - Airlock
pIH - Suspicious
mach - Small
Dogh - Silly
rop - Sick
quv - Honored
bIt - Nervous
qu' - Fierce
qab - Bad
'IH - Beautiful
QeH - Angry
tuH - Ashamed
lIm - Panic
maw - Offend
no' - Ancestors
qempa' - Ancestor
vuv - Respect
chegh - Return
nej - Look for
yIn - Live
puqbe' - Daughter
puqloD - Son
vaghSaD wejvatlh loSmaH Soch - 5,347
wa''uy' - One million
wa'SaD - One thousand
wa'vatlh - One hundred
ram - Night
po - Morning
jar - Month
Hogh - Week
tup - Minute
lup - Second
'Ij - Listen
nep - Lie, Fib
Dev - Lead
tlho' - Thank
HaD - Study
mev - Stop
nIH - Steal
tlhIH - You all
SoH - You
chaH - They (people)
mut - Selfish
qawHaq - Memory banks
yuD - Dishonest
Qatlh - Difficult
Hom - Bone
Iw - Blood
mov - Top of foot
qam - Foot
not - Never
peng - Torpedo
'otlh - Photon
Hap - Matter
Dach - Absent
ghItlh - Write
voq - Trust
Qam - Stand
tagh - Lung
Somraw - Muscle
yeb - Wrist
Ha' - Let's go!
Qo'noS - Kronos
lupDujHom - Shuttlecraft
chIjwI' - Navigator
Hong - Impulse power
Hop - Far
toch - Palm of hand
chap - Back of hand
ghop - Hand
DeS - Arm
jach - Shout
DIr - Skin
chu' - New
'ejDo' - Starship
Saqghom - Landing Party
wej - Don't do it yet!
naDev - Here
pa' - There
tlhIngan Hol - Klingon language
tlhIngan - Klingon
voDleH - Emperor
Da' - Corporal
Duy'a' - Ambassador
may' - Battle
rugh - Antimatter
Daj - Interesting
val - Intelligent
Sey - Excited
mIgh - Evil
chIm - Empty
tIq - Heart
tlhon - Nostril
wuS - Lip
woS - Chin
qevpob - Cheek
yaj - Understand
ngab - Vanish
ngev - Sell
tam - Quiet
matlh - Loyal
Huy' - Eyebrow
quHvaj - Dandruff
jIb - Hair on head
Hob - Yawn
naD - Praise
woH - Pick Up
qIm - Pay attention
Sagh - Serious
HanDogh - Nacelle
jInargh - I escape.
jIqu' - I am fierce.
qatlha' - I chase you.
bIqab - You are bad.
jIQeH - I am angry.
bItuH - You are ashamed.
chomaw - You offend me.
chovuv - You respect me.
jIchegh - I return.
qanej - I look for you.
jIyIn - I live.
jI'Ij - I listen.
chotlho' - You thank me.
jIHaD - I study.
jImev - I stop.
DanIH - You steal it.
qaHoH - I kill you.
maDun - We are wonderful.
qaDev - I lead you.
jISov - I know.
qachargh - I conquer you.
bIqej - You are grouchy.
bIvaQ - You are aggressive.
qapIch - I blame you.
qabej - I watch you.
jI'Ip - I vow.
qaqotlh - I tickle you.
qaDuQ - I stab you.
chotIch - You insult me.
bIQup - You are young.
jItlhab - I am independent.
jIyoH - I am brave.
jIchav - I achieve.
jItIn - I am big.
jI'oy' - I ache.
malop - We celebrate.
bIqan - You are old.
bIpum - You fall.
Duy' - It is defective.
qaHIv - I attack you.
qatlhob - I ask you.
HIlob - Obey me.
jIchIj - I navigate.
vIchup - I suggest it.
bItlhaQ - You are funny.
qawIv - I choose you.
Do'Ha' - That is unfortunate
tera'ngan - Terran
jatlh - Speak
jot - Calm
Soy' - Clumsy
ghobe' - No
boH - Impatient
bIr - Cold
lugh - Correct
butlh - Dirt under fingernails
nItlhpach - Fingernail
ngIb - Ankle
yaD - Toe
'uS - Leg
DeSqIv - Elbow
nItlh - Finger
jol - Transport beam
SuyDuj - Merchant ship
botjan - Shields
noch - Sensor
jIjatlh - I speak.
majot - We are calm.
jIvang - I take action.
bISoy' - You are clumsy.
qaHo' - I admire you.
qaQaw' - I destroy you.
jIbIr - I am cold.
qaqeS - I advise you.
jIlugh - I am correct.
qachaw' - I allow you.
jIbel - I am pleased.
maSuv - We fight.
bIyuD - You are dishonest.
chomagh - You betray me.
Qatlh - It is difficult.
vIghItlh - I write it.
qavoq - I trust you.
jIQam - I stand.
chongor - You cheat me.
qaqaD - I challenge you.
jIba' - I sit.
jIjach - I shout.
qabach - I shoot you.
cholobHa' - You disobey me.
jIval - I am intelligent.
jIQoch - I disagree.
jISey - I am excited.
qajon - I capture you.
vIje' - I buy it.
chonuQ - You bother me.
vIngev - I sell it.
bItam - You are quiet.
jImatlh - I am loyal.
jI'el - I enter.
vItIv - I enjoy it.
chonaD - You praise me.
qawoH - I pick you up.
jIqIm - I pay attention.
jISagh - I am serious.
qaQoy - I hear you.
qamuS - I hate you.
HItojQo' - Don't deceive me.
jIQuch - I am happy.
HItlhochQo' - Don't contradict me.
ma'IQ - We are sad.
jIjaH - I go.
yIlIjQo' - Don't forget.
jItuv - I am patient.
HIje' - Feed me.
bIqur - You are greedy.
jIQum - I communicate.
jIQaQ - I am good.
jItoS - I climb.
qalegh - I see you.
jIqet - I run.
jIbup - I quit.
jIleS - I relax.
qaQan - I protect you.
qaqaw - I remember you.
jIyev - I pause.
jISup - I jump.
qayu' - I interrogate you.
jIqap - I insist.
qaQaH - I help you.
jIquv - I am honored.
qajey - I defeat you.


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3 : based on last entry in the web archive

4 : Entry for magh from the Wayback Machine

5 : Message to the list of 30 May 1999, by d'Armond Speers

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