List of Klingon Star Trek Episodes

This is a list that shows all Star Trek episodes where Klingon was spoken. Please also add Klingon related episodes, where no klingon was spoken and make a remark that there was no klinon spoken. IF there has been a Klingon dialogue, then add it.

The Original Series

There was no Klingon spoken in the first Star Trek, but there were many Klingon scenes that had influence in the creation of Klingon vocabulary.
  • 1x26 "Errand of Mercy"
  • 2x15 "The Trouble With Tribbles"
  • 3x07 "Day of the Dove"
  • 3x22 "The Savage Curtain"

Star Trek: The Next Generation

Worf was a regular crew member. These episodes featured other Klingon characters in addition to Worf.
  • 1x20 "Heart of Glory"
  • 2x08 "A Matter of Honor"
  • 2x20 "The Emissary"
  • 2x22 "Shades of Gray"
  • 3x17 "Sins of the Father"
  • 4x07 "Reunion"
  • 4x26 "Redemption"
  • 5x01 "Redemption II"
  • 5x10 "New Ground"
  • 5x16 "Ethics"
  • 5x20 "Cost of Living"
  • 5x22 "Imaginary Friend"
  • 6x07 "Rascals"
  • 6x08 "A Fistful of Datas"
  • 6x16 "Birthright: Part 1"
  • 6x17 "Birthright: Part 2"
  • 6x23 "Rightful Heir"
  • 7x21 "Firstborn"

Star Trek Voyager

B'Elanna Torres, daughter of a Human father and Klingon mother, was a regular crew member. Other Klingon characters appear rarely in this series.
  • 6x03 "Barge of the dead"
  • 7x14 "Prophecy"

Star Trek Deep Space Nine

Worf was a regular crew member from Season 4 on. These episodes featured other Klingon characters in addition to Worf.
  • 2x19 "Blood Oath" maj ram
  • 3x03 "The House of Quark"
  • 4x01 "The Way of the Warrior"
  • 4x08 "The Sword of Kahless"
  • 4x14 "Sons of Mogh"
  • 4x25 "Broken Link"
  • 5x01 "Apocalype Rising"
  • 5x03 "Looking for par'Mach in All the Wrong Places"
  • 5x14 "In Purgatory's Shadow"
  • 5x15 "By Inferno's Light"
  • 5x21 "Soldiers of the Empire"
  • 5x23 "Blaze of Glory"
  • 5x26 "Call to Arms"
  • 6x01 "A Time to Stand"
  • 6x03 "Sons and Daughters"
  • 6x05 "Favor the Bold"
  • 6x06 "Sacrifice of Angels"
  • 6x07 "You Are Cordially Invited..."
  • 6x13 "Far Beyond the Stars"
  • 6x26 "Tears of the Prophets"
  • 7x01 "Image in the Sand"
  • 7x02 "Shadows and Symbols"
  • 7x06 "Treachery, Faith, and the Great River"
  • 7x07 "Once More Unto the Breach"
  • 7x12 "The Emperor's New Cloak"
  • 7x19 "Strange Bedfellows"
  • 7x20 "The Changing Face of Evil"
  • 7x21 "When It Rains..."
  • 7x22 "Tacking Into the Wind"
  • 7x24 "The Dogs of War"
  • 7x25 "What You Leave Behind"

Star Trek Enterprise

See main page Star Trek: Enterprise

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