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Klingon appearing in commercials

  • 2017: The austrian mobile phone provider T-Mobile mentions and speaks Klingon in a radio commercial.
  • 2016: The rental car company named "Enterprise" speaks Klingon in its commercial.
  • 2015: The australian internet provider Internode broadcasts a Klingon commercial.
  • 2015: The VHS Vienna publishes two commercials, in which Klingon is spoken.
  • 2015: The Grend Bildungswerk tried that too, but in poor quality.
  • 2013: For the new iPhone 5C two Klingon sentences were recorded.
  • 2011: The phone producer Gigaset advertises its new headset on the FedCon in Klingon.
  • 2001: The Canadian TV channel Space Channel makes advertisement for the new series Star Trek Enterprise via two Klingon commercials.
  • 1979: McDonald's releases a clip in which only Klingon is spoken, but it's only gibberish.
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