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Klingon in Star Trek

A good number of Star Trek episodes contain Klingon dialogue. But sometimes the writers get lazy and instead of using correct Klingon, i.e. tlhIngan Hol ceated by Marc Okrand, they use what we like to refer to as "Paramount Hol", which is gibberish using English sounds that attempts to sound like Klingon.

Here is a list of which ST episodes/movies contain actual Klingon:


TV episodes

Star Trek: The Next Generation
  • "A Matter of Honor"
  • "The Icarus Factor"
  • "The Bonding"
  • "Sins of the Father"
  • "Birthright Part II"
  • "Redemption I & II"

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine
  • "Way of the Warrior"
  • "Soldiers of the Empire", contains the Warrior's Anthem, which first appeared in the KlingonCD-ROM and was later sung twice (with subtitles) in the DS9 episode.

Episodes containing Paramount Hol

Star Trek: Enterprise
  • Broken Bow

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