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The Klingon Language Wiki is a free and public database for anything related to the Klingon language. This includes not only grammar and vocabulary questions, but also any kind of background information regarding the History of Klingon, available products and any kind of appearance in movies and TV-shows. Information about Star Trek are only explained where necessary or related to klingon.

As of today, the wiki contains 1297 german pages, 1357 english articles, 168 articles in dutch and 127 french pages.

Reason for the wiki

The Klingon Language Wiki was intended as a replacement for the broken KLI wiki, which had had access difficulties starting 2004 and was not accessible from 2009 to 2014. After the new rush for the Klingon language evoked by Star Trek Into Darkness in 2013, questions arose several times whether the KLI was dying. This was a major motivation to re-initiate the KLI wiki, to show the world that the Klingon language is going on.

In the mean time, the KLI was working on its own new website, and also its own wiki. It seems though, that the goals of their wiki and this wiki are slightly different, so this wiki will keep standing alone and teaching Klingon, while the KLI's wiki is set up for the KLI members to work together.

Creation Log

2014-02-20 Domain Setup

The installation and configuration of the wiki started in February 2014. In the first step, the wiki could be reached through a subdomain of the qepHom Saarbrücken's website,

2014-03-02 Configuration

The software is installed, now configuration starts to give the wiki an individual look. As a basic structure, archived articles from the old KLI wiki were imported, cleaned up and adapted to the new layout.

At this time it was not clear yet that the KLI was also working on updating their own wiki. Due to several technical and legal problems, it was not possible to combine this Klingon Language Wiki with the wbsite of the KLI.

2014-03-24 Internal Presentation

The new wiki is presented first to Lawrence M. Schoen, the director of the KLI. He seems generally interested, but wants to "wait" with the wiki until the planned satellite web of KLI-websites is finished and set up.

2014-03-29 Re-configuration

The wiki is renamed from "KLIwiki" to "KlingonWiki", so that public access is possible without interfering with the KLI's projects. After the long wait, it would be ineffective to leave a ready-to-use wiki in a hidden space.

2014-03-30 Public announcement

After being announced on Facebook and in the Email discussion forum, several new members have registered.


A dutch section of the wiki has been started. Most of the translation work are done by QISta' and George.


Since February 2015, the wiki has a new domain to be reached at:


The wiki is running the open source software Foswiki, current version v1.1.9, with Plugin API version 2.2. Foswiki badge

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