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Klingon Poetry Book

The Klingon Poetry Book (tlhIngan bom paq) is a book published in 2012 with Klingon poems written by Thomas Sanalitro (1), a designer from Cambridge, England (2). Including cover, the book contains 56 pages and is available as e-book only.


The book starts with thank words for David E. Howerton, the KLI, Marc Okrand and the KAG "for the help with translations with this book". The work is dedicated to Gene Roddenberry. The following page gives a brief summary about the history of the Klingon language.

The main part consists of several poems, sorted in four chapters. One side shows english, the opposing side is in Klingon.ilt sind.

Klingon language Analysis

The Klingon is pretty awful. Apart from several typos and the repetitive incorrect usage of the apostrophe, most of the phrases are hard to understand. It's not Bingon (obviously, since the Bing translator was published one year later), but it's incomprehensible, even allowing for poetic licence; one could forgive things like wIchIrgh or wewmey in the hands of someone who otherwise knew what they were doing, but there's almost no sign of proper syntax at all. It's an honest effort, but shows little understanding of Klingon grammar. The word order seems to follow the English closely, as in this example: (3)

vaj tlhIHqanglaH chaw'ta' tIlegh paghmey je tu' wewmey largh yIn
Then you'll be allowed to see into nothings and find glowing breathing life.


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