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Klingon Textbook: "Klingon for Beginners"

Actual cover

First version of the cover
Klingon for Beginners (German title "Klingonisch fŘr Einsteiger") is the title of a Klingon exercise book written in 2016 by Lieven L. Litaer(1). On qep'a' 23, the author was awarded the Friend of Maltz certificate for his work on this project. The book was planned to be available in both English and German as a KLI project in Summer 2016, before the 50th anniversary of Star Trek, but that did not work out yet due to some unknown reasons.

According to recent updates, the German version of the book will be published in August 2017 by the German publisher Heel Verlag, who is known in Germany for publishing many other Star trek related books, including the German version of TKD, Das offizielle W÷rterbuch. (2) The English version is scheduled for spring 2018.


The book is set up like an exercise book one may know from school or language class, built up from a story spread over ten lessons. Each lesson starts with a part of the story, followed by a short dialogue. The lesson ends with some exercises based on the grammar introduced in the lesson. The book is accompanied by an audio CD where the student can hear the dialogue and some of the exercises.


From the back cover:
A young Starfleet officer is daring to visit the Klingon homeworld. There he meets a mysterious Klingon woman and encounters several exciting situations where his language skills are challenged. The reader can accompany him during his adventures, gets the chance to learn the most important basic phrases for tourists and has the perfect introduction into the Klingon language.

Canonicity and Quality

The book is not considered as canon, but it has been vetted and approved by Marc Okrand, who also wrote a foreword for it. There are no new words released within this book. Chris Lipscombe has proofread the work.(3) Written by a well-known Klingonist and approved by language creator Okrand, one should presume that this book is a work of high quality.


Written by Lieven L. Litaer. Foreword by Marc Okrand.

Publisher Heel Verlag
Language German
Pages 64
ISBN 978-3-95843-553-7
Size 210 x 148 mm / 8⅓" x 5¾"
Kind Softcover
Release date 31 August 2017

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3 : "Klingonisch FŘr Einsteiger", p. 64

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