Klingon Word of the Day

Klingon Word of the Day
The Klingon word of the day (abbreviated KWOTD, KWotD or Klingon WOTD) was initiated by d'Armond Speers on 09 November 1999 (1). It was a message automatically send each day to the KLI's mailing list containing one randomly chosen klingon word, including definition and source. The purpose of the daily word was to support a regular learning for beginners and to engage advanced speakers in discussions about these words. The first response to these messages are mostly a list of canon examples by "master of Canon" Steven Boozer, aka Voragh.

The KWOTD had stopped for unknown reasons in the middle of June 2008 (2) and had been revived by Chris Lipscombe in November 2011 [citation needed]. It is now posted each day on the mailing list and also in the Learn Klingon group in Facebook. Since mid 2016, it is displayed as an image.

The KWOTD is also available in Twitter marked with the hashtag #tlh (3).


Klingon Word of the Day for Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Klingon word: Human
Part of speech: noun
Definition: human

This Klingon Word of the Day is brought to you by qurgh (qurgh@wizage.net).


1 : Message to the list of Tue, 09 Nov 1999, by d'Armond Speers

2 : Message to the list of Mon, 16 June 2008, by Jonathan Webley

3 : Daily Klingon Word, account of user @kwotd on Twitter, managed by qurgh

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