KLITRANS is a Klingon-to-English analyzer program which Anthony Appleyard wrote for himself. It is not available for public use or download.


In the analysis of a word, the symbol # means "apparently faulty word" and shows that KLITRANS could not analyze the word completely, so it made a second analysis run with rules relaxed, and any completely unanalyzable character sequence is put in angle-brackets.

For each apparent word, KLITRANS makes a first analysis run, looking for roots and suffixes and other morphemes in correct order. It looks for all possible valid analyses.

If that first run finds any valid analyses, OK, and it sends the result to the analysis file.

If not, it makes a second run on that word, accepting morphemes in any order; if it gets stuck, the next one character is parsed as "unanalyzable character" and skipped. The result is sent to the results file, marked by an initial #, and with any consecutive succession of unanalyzable characters put in angle brackets. This is to get what sense it can from words with mistypes and suffix order errors.

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