Klubschule Migros

The Klubschule Migros is a swiss adult education institute with more than 50 locations in Switzerland (1) On 28th of April 2017 they announced a klingon language course (2)

Klingon language course

Promotional picture with André Müller


They stated to have received several requests for klingon courses in 2012 already. Due to the continually growing presence of klingon in the media - especially The Big Bang Theory - and increasing visitor numbers at local conventions, they felt confident enough to now offer a klingon course.

Although not named on the website, the often shown pictures and presence in videos makes it more than likely that the course will be held by swiss klingonist André Müller.

Planned courses

The course is intended to have two phases: During may three crash courses with 3 hours each are offered. One such crash course will cost 80,- CHF, ie. about 83 USD. Starting september, depending on demand, a language course for beginners with ten days (20 lessions to 50 minutes) will start.(3)

Video advertisements

To promote the event, two videos have been published:

The classroom

(de) Link to the video on Facebook  

The following lines can be seen, or rather heard:
# Klingon Subtitles Notes
1 qaSam 'ej qaHoH [none] I will find and kill you!
2 HojwI'pu' Savan "I greet you, students." Typo for ghojwI'pu'
3 DaH taghjaj tlhIngan Hol paQDI'norghmaj "Now, may the klingon education start." -

The credits show the Klubschule Migros logo with klingon letters (see pIqaD), the letters are yej'an DuSaQ ("Institute-school") for "Klubschule" and mIghros for "Migros".

Reception area

(de) Link to video on Facebook  

In this clip no klingon is used. Someone wearing a knights armor arrives at the reception of the Klubschule Migros. He asks for the way to the klingon course. Behind the desk is André Müller and tells him he needs to go to room 404.

See also


1 : Klubschule Migros on Wikipedia

2 : (de) Do you speak klingon?

3 : (de) Course details as PDF

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