History of the word for "knitting"

Someone on Twitter, calling himself "KlingonKnitter", asked a question in Klingon for which he apparently used some automatic translator (probably bing). What he wanted to say is "Anybody know the Klingon word for join, knitting or knitter?" What he had translated came to vay' Sov tlhIngan mu' vaDmuv, knitting joq knitter?

He then misinterpreted the incorrect construction vaDmuv as the Klingon word for "knit", which he included on his website claiming to be the correct translation. It was Alan Anderson who solved the mystery of where this "word" came from:

I tracked the origin to the now defunct tweetinklingon.com web site, which was part of the promotions for the Star Trek Online game. It saved the original English for each mock-Klingon tweet so readers could "translate" what was sent. Those records are no longer available, but based on other samples of its output I am pretty sure that tlhIngan mu' vaDmuv came from "Klingon word for join", with the English input being "Anybody know the Klingon word for join, knitting or knitter?"

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