Kronos is the name of the Klingon homeworld. In Klingon it is spelled Qo'noS.

roD 'oHvaD juHqo' ponglu' neH
It is usually referred to as simply "The Homeworld." (1)


Up until Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country, the homeworld's name had not been established by any canon sources. John Ford's novel The Final Reflection dubbed it "Klinzhai", though that was never used on screen. An offhand mention of "Kling" in Heart of Glory, an early episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation, was apparently intended to refer to the Klingon homeworld, but the writers realized how silly it sounded. According to the Bird of Prey poster (BOP), Kling is merely the name of a district of the First City.

Klingon spelling

The Klingon spelling Qo'noS first appeared after ST6 in the addendum of TKD (p. 184). The word has never been used on screen until Star Trek Into Darkness, where it was visible on screen (literally a monitor in the movie), using all major case letters QO'NOS. Later in the movie, the name KRONOS was shown only for the viewers of the movie, which led to a discussion among Star Trek fans, whether the Klingon or latinized spelling is the canon one.

Actually, the Klingon spelling should not be considered (Star Trek) canon, because the writing we know is only considered a description of the sounds. The Federation standard (i.e. english) spelling for the klingon homeworld IS "Kronos".

Known regions on Kronos

  • veng wa'DIch SepDaq veng wa'DIch (2)
  • voSpegh Sep (several thousand kilometers east of veng wa'DIch)
  • voSpegh SepDaq HuD beQ yoS
  • Qotmagh Sep
  • ghevchoq Sep
  • ruq'e'vet (inside the ghevchoq Sep)
  • tlhIng yoS
  • meqro'vaq
  • Sa'Qej Sep
  • taq'ev
  • noHva'Dut


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2 : Klingon for the Galactic Traveler

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