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Landesmuseum Hannover

The card presented on instagram
The Landesmuseum Hannover offers his visitors postcards with words in several languages. On the 8th of may in 2017 they announced, that they're offering now cards in klingon, too. (1) There is only this one theme. The cards were produced by daniels*cards, which produced a number of flash cards in 29 languages. (2)


The only existing card shows the word "P'takh" and four klingon characters on it's side in Mandel-Script (which means no pIqaD). Following Mandels table those characters mean PTAN, but by using the writing file of the KLI ("KLIPIqaDmey") we get ptaq. The klingon spelling for this insult is petaQ.

In the line below the card shows "Klingon, interjection" and in the third line "generic, universal insult". This is all correct, but the chosing of words sounds overblown.


1 : photo on instagram by user @landesmuseum-hannover

2 : (de) flash cards on the homepage of daniels*cards, retrieved 30th of may in 2017


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