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Language Creation Society

The Language Creation Society (LCS) is a society devoted to created languages. Their mission is to promote the art and craft of language creation. It became known in regards of the Klingon language after they wrote an amicus letter to the judges of the Axanar lawsuit.

Amicus letter

Their amicus letter contained several Klingon phrases displayed in pIqaD, to show that Klingon is a real language that is not only made to be used in the films and to show that Klingon is a living language that anyone should be able to use without Paramount's permission. (1)

Press release

The LCS wrote a press release on 8th of January 2017, which included a short text in Klingon. It was translated by André Müller and Joseph Windsor, after the LCS made a translation request at the KLI's mailing list one day before.

pab naQ mu'mey law' je ngaSbogh Hol Dun 'oHbej tlhIngan Hol'e'. HoSghajqu'mo' 'oH che'laHbe' qech ghajwI' chut. tlhIngan Hol jatlhlu'DI' bIjlaH bo'DIj 'op ret 'e' wuqpu' pa'ra'mon malja'. DaH wuqHa'pu'mo', maQuch. tlhoy tlhIngan Hol jatlhwI'pu' moH 'e' nIDpu' pa'ra'mon malja', vaj majangchu'.

Provided translation:
The Klingon language is clearly a glorious language which contains a complete grammar and many words. Because it is very powerful, the law of the idea owner does not rule it. In the past, the Paramount business has decided that as soon as someone speaks Klingon, the court can punish them. Now, because it un-decided it, we are happy. The Paramount business tried to exert undue influence on the speakers of the Klingon language, so we responded clearly.

The word pa'ra'mon is not a canon word, it was a self made transcription of Paramount. (2)


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