Language identification

The goal of language identification is to deduce or correctly guess the language of a certain text with statistical methods. It is also called language guessing (1).

Klingon has some unique characteristics which can be useful to identify the language (2):
  • the characters differ in capitalization: q and Q are different characters, D, I and S only appear capitalized, ch, tlh and v only appear non-capitalized.
  • the apostrophe appears relatively often, many times at the beginning or the end of a syllable (See Phonology).
  • the apostrophe also appears in the middle of a word, sometimes as a double.
  • -be' and -'a' appear frequently as a suffix.

What Klingon does NOT have:
  • There are no letters f, k, x, z.
  • No word starts with a vowel.

guesslanguage.js(3) is an existing open source project, which enables the recognition of Klingon and additional languages via JavaScript. It works with statistical data on the base of n-grams.

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