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Learn Klingon is the name of an app for Android available on Google Play, made by "webtoweb". Although the app itself looks pretty good, it is NOT recommended for learning Klingon.


The app claims to provide Klingon vocabulary for learning. Even an unexperienced user should quickly recognize English words in the translations, making clear that these are not good.
  • In the main page, capitalization is incorrectly adapted to standard, showing words like bIQ as Biq and bo'Degh to Bo'degh.
  • Entry pages show a different case, but still wrong. There is no difference between Q and q
  • Word entries are missing word type, so it is not clear if "snow" or "rain" is a verb or a noun.
  • All translations, including simple words, are based on Bing translator. Using that creates a wheel of fortune getting correct words. Some are right, some are nonsense.
  • As the phrases are also from Bing, these are partially nonsense as well.
  • Parts of the app are not Klingon at all, providing Slovenian translations


The word for "nature" (no word known at this moment) is translated by Bing incorrectly as tlhoQ ("conglomeration"). The app displays that as Tlhoq in its list and as tlhoq in the word's entry.

The word for "flower" (known as 'InSong) is translated by Bing incorrectly as tlhIroghnI'. That word is not canon and has appeared on a Paramount page with a definition of "a night blooming flower" in 1999. The word originated in a TNG episode and was spelled as "throgni" in the script. Its Klingon spelling was revealed at qep'a' 2019 as tlhaghnay. The app displays that fake word as Tlhiroghni' in its list and as tlhiroghni' in the word's entry.

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